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Surfing Lessons & Experiences

Everybody's gone surfing! Experience riding the waves and learn to surf like the experts. Surfing lessons are now available at prime beach locations around the UK. Surfing is one of those uber cool extreme sports that has an undeniably idyllic lifestyle associated with it - a life of sand, sunshine and chilling out watching sunsets as the water laps around your toes.

After a couple of sessions at surf school, you'll be swopping the family hatchback for a camper van and pootling down to the coast at the weekends to hang ten, catch some waves and generally be a cool surfing dude or dudette! Read more...

Body Boarding in Cornwall


From £45.00

Surfing at Newquay, Cornwall


From £49.00

Surfing Sunderland

Sunderland Marina

From £30.00

When the winds are right and the waves are rolling in it's definitely a case of surf's up and it's time to make a dash for the seaside and paddle out to catch a few waves. So what happens if you've never actually surfed before? That's where these lessons from IntotheBlue.co.uk come in. We've got taster sessions and courses at reputable surf schools based on some of the best Blue Flag beaches in the UK.

Indeed the obvious place to learn how to surf like a pro is Cornwall. This is THE location to ride those barrels in the UK. In summer you can't move for surf bums with their sun-bleached hair all attracted to this part of the coastline by the consistently good waves. And as the saying goes, 'If it swells, ride it' and that's just what happens here, but it also goes off in North Devon and even Sunderland!

The thing about this water sport is that it's not as easy as the likes of Kelly Slater make it look. It's not just a case of standing on the shoreline with your surfboard under your arm, picking the surf break and riding it. Beginners are better off going for easy spilling waves no bigger than four feet. Now that may not sound very high, but when you are out there in the sea as it rushes towards you it's still pretty impressive.

The first skill surf school will teach you to master is paddling whilst lying down on the board. You might also be shown how to 'duck dive' so you can glide through breaking waves as you paddle. Then it's the main spectacle - how to catch a wave. Initially done in shallow water, if you've lined up correctly, you will feel the unmistakable sensation of the wave picking you up and carrying towards the beach. This is sure to be when you let out an almighty whoop of delight before promptly bailing into the wash. What an experience!

Even if it was just a little break, you will be stoked (as the surfers say) to have caught your first wave and ridden it, no matter how wobbly you were. If after these lessons at these UK-based schools you've caught the bug, it doesn't cost a fortune to start surfing as a hobby, once you've got the cool board shorts, rash vest and short or long board, you just head to the beach with your buddies to go shooting the curl when it's really going off!