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Windsurfing Brighton

Hove Waterfront, near Brighton   

• Head to Hover waterfront for windsurfing lessons
• Excellent coaching at the lagoon-based school
• A taster sessions give you a half day on the water
• Learn to windsurf with 2 sessions over a weekend

What's Included

• All courses are run by highly experiences RYA instructors
• You will form part of a group of up to 8 people

Windsurf Taster
• A three hour session
• An introduction to windsurfing showing you basic windsurfing techniques
• Master the basics of how to control and steer a windsurf board

Learn to Windsurf
• 2 x three hour sessions
• Learn windsurfing techniques, such as steering the board
• Use beginner boards and lightweight rigs
• Learn how to set up the equipment

What Can I Expect

Take your board and your sail and go windsurfing in Brighton! If you've ever fancied zipping along the surface of the water with just the wind to carry you, these two beginner packages will certainly whet your appetite as a wannabe windsurfer.

Now you might think that being based just outside Brighton, this windsurfing school would be offering lessons on the sea. In fact, it's pretty hard controlling the rig out on the open waves, so these sessions take place at Hove Lagoon, which has waist-height waters with light winds making it the perfect place for beginners.

If you've never even seen what the rig looks like close-up, you might think the board seems very long (usually around two metres) and that the sail seems really bulky. But in fact, this centre near Brighton has invested in some of the most up-to-date learner windsurf set-ups that are lightweight and surprisingly easy to manoeuvre - even if it takes all your concentration to just stand up!

Of course, it's not recommended to just hop on a windsurf board and launch yourself out, so this is why specific courses with RYA accreditation (Royal Yachting Society) exist, to make sure windsurfers are safe out on their own. Our taster session acts as a good introduction to the sport and gives you three hours of tuition and practice out on the lagoon. Teaching here in Brighton is excellent and the windsurfing instructors are very experienced (and patient too if you keep falling off!).

Those wanting to perhaps take up windsurfing as a hobby, should definitely think about the Learn to Windsurf Course offered at Brighton. Two sessions lasting three hours each are normally taken over a weekend and after each lesson there is time for solo practice out on the lake.

On the taster you should be successfully travelling up and down the lagoon in a straight line, with you feeling pretty at ease with your balance on the rig. At the end of the extended course, you will know all about balance, your set up, going in a straight line, turns up wind (tack), turns down wind (gybe) and be able to confidently sail to a chosen point - and back again. Those achieving this level of windsurfing by the end of the course in Brighton will be awarded the Start Windsurfing RYA certificate, which means you will be able to hire equipment to go windsurfing by yourself in light wind conditions - a major achievement we think!

Whether you call it sailboarding, boardsailing or windsurfing, this is a sport that all ages can enjoy together out on the water. Our duo of packages allows you to have a go at windsurfing at Brighton's finest inland lagoon that offers a safe, friendly and well-equipped environment in which to turn yourself from a land lubber to windsurfing dude in just a few hours.


• Runs most weekends from April to late October subject to availability


• Hove Waterfront, near Brighton, East Sussex

Suitable For

• Minimum age 14


• Spectators are welcome

Anything Else

• You will need to bring a towel and swimwear
• There is an on site club house with chrooms, hot showers and licensed cafe
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Windsurfing Brighton
Windsurf Taster
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