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Online Introduction to Beekeeping Course

Online Course

  • Online teaching from expert Chris
  • Unlimited access to all content
  • Work your way through at your own pace
  • Course divided into 10 lessons


What's Included

  • Online in-depth course to introduce you to beekeeping
  • Seven course modules consisting of 10 separate course lessons
  • Unlimited online access to your course 

Course Lessons

  • An Introduction To Beekeeping
  • The Life Cycle Of The Honey Bee
  • What Bees Need
  • Equipment You Really Need
  • Setting Up The Apiary
  • Introducing Bees To The Hive
  • Inspecting The Hive
  • Adding Supers
  • A Walk Through The Beekeeping Year
  • Harvesting Your Honey

What Can I Expect

The online beekeepers course - bringing the bees to you, virtually! Sign up for online beekeeping and learn all about bees and honey without leaving your home. 

Flexible, informative and full of facts, these modules online will set you on the right course for becoming a successful beekeeper. Being internet-based teaching means you can work through at your own pace and learn all the essentials before you go out and invest in all the beekeeping gear.

The courses are hosted by Chris. He's a small-scale bee farmer specialising in comb honey and courses for anyone curious about beekeeping. He and his bees are based in Mickleton, between Long Marston and Chipping Campden in the north Cotswolds, but you can be anywhere in the UK or beyond for these courses.

Split into 10 different classes, everything from ‘Setting up an apiary' to ‘Harvesting honey' is covered on this comprehensive online course. With the help of videos, photos and slides, you'll be walked through a typical year of beekeeping, answering those buzzing questions such as ‘what do bees do in winter? as you go.

What we love most about these courses is the fact that they are completely flexible. All the content from expert Chris is online and this voucher gives you unlimited access. That means you can go at your own pace. And, more importantly, when you do get your own beehive, you can always go back to your online beekeeping course and refresh your memory when you need to. 


  • Once registered you will be given access to your course


  • From the comfort of your home

Suitable For

  • Suitable for beginners of all ages
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