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Natural Beekeeping with Philip Chandler

At Home Experience   

  • Online tutoring in natural beekeeping
  • Learn with the experts : Philip Chandler
  • Follow a course of 4 modules online
  • 'Expert' certificated option available

What's Included

  • Four-part online beekeeping course with expert videos and notes
  • Sessions are taught by Philip Chandler, author of 'The Barefoot Beekeeper'
  • Online classroom with up to 20 classmates
  • Gain a greater understanding of the role of bees in their natural world and in the context of human agriculture
  • Understand the design, construction and use of a Top Bar Hive
  • Learn about the lifecycle of honeybees and the ways to supervise and nurture them on a small scale
  • Lifetime access to videos, notes and classroom
  • Choose from a Peer or Expert option

Course Outline

  • The Nature of Honeybees
  • Bees, Flowers and Natural Beekeeping
  • Starting with a Top Bar Hive
  • Establishing a healthy colony

Peer Option

  • 4 course assignments
  • Practice what you learn with your peers
  • Group chat and direct message with classmates

Expert Option

  • 4 weeks tutor access for personalised assignment feedback and coaching
  • 4 assignments marked by Philip Chandler
  • Certificate of completion signed by Philip Chandler
  • Group chat and direct message with tutor and classmates

What Can I Expect

Learn all about natural beekeeping! Hosted by ‘The Barefoot Beekeeper’ author Philip Chandler, these online tutorials are a great introduction to the ‘grass roots’ way of looking after honeybees - and it’s all utterly fascinating.

Traditional beekeeping requires a fairly hefty investment in terms of time and money. Like many first-time apiarists, Philip started with a standard beehive set up, but he soon realised the rather intensive way of ‘honey production’ wasn’t for him. After a lot of research, it was the concept of natural beekeeping that caught his attention.

This more natural way of looking after bees is based on a more sustainable, organic approach to cultivating bee colonies. The idea particularly appeals to keen gardeners who appreciate the mutually beneficial relationship for the purposes of pollination, only harvesting honey if there is a surplus (as the bees need honey!).

The key to successful natural beekeeping is the hive. Philip uses Kenyan-style horizontal ‘top bar’ beehives, which, if you’re a little bit handy, are easy to build yourself. There’s no heavy lifting involved (a classic hive can weigh up to 25kg!) and accessing the bees is far less intrusive than literally lifting off the lid of their home.

All this expertise and knowledge is presented to you in online modules that are divided into four sessions. Lots of topics are covered, including the role of the bees in their natural world, their life-cycle and where bees (and flowers) thrive best. The last lesson is all about attracting a bee colony to your hive. Given that fact that you’re offering them a chemical-free, ready made home that’s safe and comfy, it should be a doddle when you know how!

For those looking to seriously get started in natural beekeeping, we recommend the ‘Expert’ course, which includes assessed assignments, access to your tutor and a signed certificate on completion. Whilst this course is perfect for those intending on starting beekeeping, the ‘Peer’ voucher is ideal for those curious to know more, as it gives you access to all the online learning, but without the extra assessments and certification.

Book your place on the online natural beekeeping course hosted by the Barefoot Beekeeper, for a window on the natural world of busy (and very happy) bees!


  • Register your voucher to receive access to the learning platform
  • You can start courses whenever you like


  • Lessons take place in a friendly, safe and secure online classroom

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 18

Anything Else

  • Lessons will run on any desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet
  • All you need is good wi-Fi or 4G connection
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natural beekeeping
Natural Beekeeping with Philip Chandler
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