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Microlighting in Bath

Brown Shutters Airfield, Somerset

• Microlight flights from Brown Shutters Airfield
• Fly either a flex or fixed wing microlight
• Take off from this private airstrip near Bath
• Wide range of flight durations available

What's Included

• Choose from a 10, 20, 30 or 60 minute flight duration
• You may take your lesson in either a fixed wing Cyclone AX2000 or Pegasus Quantum flex wing microlight
• A preflight safety briefing, introduction to the aircraft and equipment
• Once airborne you will have the option to take the controls and fly the microlight yourself or simply sit back and enjoy the views

What Can I Expect

With such beautiful countryside all around, these microlight flights over Bath are certainly going to be scenic! Hop onboard for that 'at one with nature' feel to your flying when you take an open-cockpit microlight lesson at this private airfield near Bath.

Just a few miles south of the tourist hot-spot that is Bath, you'll find the delightful Norton St Philip. Unashamedly rural, the area is very much agricultural, with a distinctive village feel. Right on the periphery of it all is the Brown Shutters Farm. Hidden behind the farmstead is a very small and very discreet private airstrip - and this is where you'll be going microlighting.

Local legend has it that the dual grass runway airfield was created by a Mr Newbigin in 1988 to house his beloved Tiger Moth. Today, the airfield is still in private ownership, with a small select gathering of aviation enthusiasts using Brown Shutters airfield.

One of those aviators is Brad. He's massively passionate about flying his microlights over the stunning countryside around Bath. He has clocked up many hours of microlighting, including as a member of the British team competing at European and International level in precision flying competitions.

However tempting the lure of international travel and competing is, Brad loves nothing more than being back in Bath, introducing inquisitive newbies to the sport of microlighting. He offers both fixed and flex wing microlight flights over Bath and both offer a sensational aerial voyage.

The fixed, high wing Cyclone AX2000 has side-by-side seating, a central control stick and rudder pedals. Control forces are light and the machine is very forgiving, making it perfect for beginners. As for the flexed wing model, Brad has gone with the Pegasus Quantum 15-912, one of the most popular flex wing microlight in the world and most often used in training schools.

Both offer that open cockpit flying feel and, would you believe, they both run on your standard unleaded fuel, although they can run on aviation gas (known as AVGAS) as well. This is the sort of fascinating and surprising nugget of information you'll pick up from your lesson, as well as, of course, actually learning how to fly them. For these microlight flights near Bath we have 10, 20, 30 and 60 minute durations available.


• Available weekdays and weekends throughout the year
• Flights are subject to availability and weather conditions


• Brown Shutters Airfield, Somerset

Suitable For

• Maximum weight limit for the fixed wing is 14 Stone (90kg) and17 Stone (110kg) for flex wing flights
• Height limit is 6ft 4 ins (1.95 metres)
• No minimum age however you must be able to reach the controls
• Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult on the airfield


• Friends and family are welcome with open and covered seating areas available

Anything Else

• Self serve complimentary hot drinks for participants are available
• Toilet facilities on site
• Flight time can be counted towards a UK NPPL excluding under 14s (National Private Pilot Licence)


5 out of 5 stars

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  based on 14 reviews

Rating: 5 stars
Ann Castle
5 Months ago
Brilliant experience from time of booking through to the Microlight experience itself. Will do it a...
Rating: 5 stars
A Trusted Customer
6 Months ago

Fantastic! Loved every minute. Can’t wait for another flight!

Rating: 5 stars
A Trusted Customer
6 Months ago
Rating: 5 stars
Kim James
Fabulous experience which was bought for my husband as a present for Christmas last year. He thorou...
Rating: 5 stars
Trevor Hall
This was an amazing experience. Brad is such a great pilot/host/tour guide and instructor. He makes...
Rating: 5 stars

Perfect. An excellent hour spent flying over Bath and Bristol

Rating: 5 stars
Jeff Chater
Absolutely mind blowing experience, something I cannot recommend highly enough. The pilot / instru...
Rating: 5 stars
Leanne murray
A brilliant experience. Brad makes you feel at ease and is the cimsaumate professional. He really ...
Rating: 5 stars
This was an absolutely amazing experience! The weather was perfect so gave stunning views and the i...
Rating: 5 stars
Rach Bailey
Brilliant time. Brad is a great Instructor. Hope to go again soon. By Rach
Rating: 5 stars
Roger Jones
Brilliant experience. Excellent pilot, professional and friendly , patient and confident. I would...
Rating: 5 stars
Lovely afternoon in the sky :)
Rating: 5 stars
Rach Bailey
Good Experience, will go again in the Spring.
Rating: 5 stars
Ashley James Hamshaw
Absolutely amazing experience!!, the pilot that took me up was amazing and really friendly all in a...