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Microlights in Staffordshire

near Lichfield

  • An owner-operated airstrip near Lichfield/Tamworth
  • Fly with Mick, Neil & Dave at this friendly club
  • Relaxed atmosphere, empty skies and great views
  • Open and closed cockpit microlights available

What's Included

  • Choose from a 30, 45 or 60 minute microlight lesson
  • A pre-flight briefing from your instructors
  • Introduction to the aircraft and the controls
  • Your instructor will handle take off, then demonstrate how the microlight handles
  • You will have the chance to take control and fly the aircraft yourself
  • The school have a range of microlights including open and closed cockpit types
  • All safety equipment is provided including flying suit, helmets and headsets
  • You will be presented with a certificate after your flight

What Can I Expect

Go microlighting in Staffordshire at this small and friendly club! All trial microlighting lessons at this venue will be taken with either Mick, Dave or Neil, the highly experienced and enthusiastic instructors.

Mick has been flying microlights since the 1970s and has a vast knowledge of all aspects of these super light flying machines, being an aircraft inspector and a CAA appointed examiner. Neil has been instructing in microlights since 2014 and loves a new challenge - like the time he flew over the stunning snow-peaked summits of the French Alps!

Dave has been flying since 2008 and became an instructor in 2012. He has amassed a huge amount of experience, including conducting flights over the Himalayas in Nepal for 10 months - an activity that meant he had to get a commercial pilot's licence in Nepal. Dave was responsible for the assessment and safety training of Nepalese pilots in the mountainous conditions. He's also accomplished at formation flight flying too.

See, we told you this Staffordshire microlighting team was highly skilled and experienced!

As well as the pilot expertise, another distinct advantage of going microlighting at this airfield near Lichfield and Tamworth is that it is owner run and operated, so there's very little other air traffic. This means you can really make the most of the experience of flying in one of these ultralight planes, take in the lovely views and even get to have a go with the controls too.

The school flies with a range of fixed and flex-winged microlights, including the flex-wing Pegasus Quantum and Quasar, as well as the fix-wing Skyranger Swift. All are easy-to-handle, obedient microlights that fly in the region of 60mph. All in all, microlighting in Staffordshire is a fun and laid back experience we're sure you'll love.


  • Flights are available Tuesday through to Sunday throughout the year
  • As with all flying activities flights are subject to weather conditions
  • You must call on the morning of your flight to check that weather conditions are suitable

Suitable For

Fixed Wing

  • Maximum weight 100kg
  • Minimum weight 55kg
  • Maximum height 6ft 5
  • No minimum height
  • Minimum age 14
  • No maximum age

Flex Wing

  • Maximum weight 100kg
  • Minimum weight 55kg
  • Minimum age 14
  • No maximum age


  • Friends and Family are welcome to come and watch the flight

Anything Else

  • The airfield has a small clubhouse and briefing area with excellent views across the grass runways


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Rating: 5 stars
Excellent experience with a really friendly team. I cannot recommend this enough!