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Lindy Hop in a Day for Two


  • Learn the Lindy Hop dance in a day
  • Workshops hosted by Swing Patrol dance troupe
  • Two sessions being taught the basic Lindy moves
  • Last session on dancing the Lindy Charleston

What's Included

  • Learn the introductory moves and techniques to Lindy Hop
  • Build your confidence and take your dancing to the social floor
  • Introduction to the six beat swing, eight beat swing and the Lindy Charleston

What Can I Expect

Go rock-stepping and kick-stepping your way around the dance floor on these fab Lindy Hop lessons! Get into the swing of the Lindy Hop as you learn all the essential moves of this invigorating and hugely social dance in just a day at these workshops in London.

Hosted by the Swing Patrol team, these starter courses focus around Lindy Hop, the signature dance of the Swing style. There are two roles in Lindy Hop; Lead and Follow. For these workshops you'll be asked which role you'd like to take for the duration of the lesson when you book. As well as dancing with your own partner, you'll be dancing with other participants rotating on the floor, which is a great way to learn to dance, meet new people and build confidence.

As you might guess, swing dancing is all about moving to the rhythm of the joyous, jazzy music of the same name and Lindy is the most celebrated dance of Swing. It's a fun, upbeat dance that makes lessons a real joy to take part in, with the high-energy Swing routines a big audience pleaser. Full of fluid moves, aerials and the delightful 'Swingout, it's a feast for the eyes, accompanied by music that's sure to get your foot tapping in time. These lessons aim to prove that any of us can become a Lindy Hop dancer.

So how do you learn the Lindy Hop? Well, without sounding too technical, it's all about six count and eight count patterns (that's steps to the beat). You simply start with the basic footwork made up of rock steps, kicks and triple steps, which you'll pick up in no time. 'Rock-step, triple-step, walk, walk, triple-step' and you're Lindy Hopping. From there you'll be taught a toolkit of moves that will let you dance whole songs.

Of course, there are loads of more advanced Lindy Hop moves; from the Pass-by and the Barrel Roll, to the Sugar Push and the Wrap-in, Wrap-out, without even mentioning the whole host of aerials from the Frankie Pop to the K-Dip. There are so many funky moves to master, you're bound to be hungry for more dancing after this beginner dance day.

We can't stress enough that you don't need any experience for these Lindy Hop lessons, as the one day courses are specifically geared up for total beginners. All you need is a pair of flat comfy shoes or plimsolls and some enthusiasm, which will more than be matched by the Swing Patrol team. Time to get to the Hop!


  • Selected Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year
  • Generally once a month
  • Sessions last approximately 3.5 hours with 2 x 15 minute breaks


  • Islington, London N1
  • Bishopsgate, EC2
  • Brixton, SW9

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 18


  • Not suitable for spectators

Anything Else

  • Comfortable, loose clothing is recommended with flat shoes or plimsolls


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