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Gliding in Yorkshire

Burn, near Selby   

• Gliding with Burn Gliding Club near Selby
• Experience the 'Pennine wave'
• See the very best of 'God's own county' from the air
• Feeling brave? Try the mile-high glider flight!

What's Included

• Welcome, introduction and safety briefing
• A powered aircraft will tow you to your chosen height for launch
• Opportunity to take the controls during your flight
• Enjoy stunning views of the surrounding countryside

2000ft Aerotow
• Flights last around 15 minutes

3000ft Aerotow
• Enjoy a longer flight time and learn more about handling the glider

Mile High Flight
• Experience a release height of 5280ft (one mile)

What Can I Expect

Go gliding in Yorkshire with Burn Gliding Club for the winged experience of a lifetime over the hills and moors! This North Yorkshire centre is situated on an ex-WWII bomber command airfield near Burn outside Selby and offers unparalleled aerial views of the scenic surroundings and a birds-eye perspective of God's own county.

What's more, its rural location means that summertime sunshine creates plenty of localised rising currents of air (or thermals), thanks to what the Burn gliding team refers to as the 'Pennine wave', giving your glider that extra boost to keep you airborne for even longer. In winter, the plumes from the three nearby power stations of Drax, Eggborough and Ferrybridge, recreate this thermal lift effect, even when there's snow on the ground everywhere else, making this a unique setting for gliding.

All glider experience days at this Yorkshire airfield begin with a brief welcome, then it's out to the runways to find out which of the club's many twin-seater gliders you'll be flying. With an extensive range of aircraft available, including ASK13, ASK21, Janus and Astor twin seat aircraft making up Burn's expansive glider fleet, you'll be spoiled for choice.

You'll be shown the various aspects of the sailplane, before both you and one of the club's top-notch instructors climb into the cockpit for your flight. Airtime lasts between 15-30 minutes, depending on how many thermals are active to keep you soaring higher and higher. And of course, gliding time depends on your release height too, with 2000ft, 3000ft and the impressive mile-high (that's 5280ft!) flight options available.

Flying is always an awe-inspiring experience, especially when you're in a sleek, graceful aircraft that's utterly devoid of man-made noise (there's still the wind whistling around you!). The entire event is a very different set of sensations - a bit like feeling as weightless as a bird on the wing. We could try and describe the feeling, but we think you'll love the chance to discover gliding over Yorkshire's fields, hills and dales of the White Rose county for yourself.


• Gliding takes place Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
• Flights generally take place between 11:00 and 16:00
• During the summer months you may be able to go gliding in the evening


• North Yorkshire, the airfield is five miles from the M62, providing access to the A1 and M1 motorways and one mile from Selby

Suitable For

• The minimum age is 13
• Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult on the airfield
• Maximum weight 16 stone
• Maximum height 6'3"


• Spectators are welcome to come and watch you during your experience

Anything Else

• For mile high flights: In the event of low cloud on the day, 2 aerotows may be offered instead
• There is a clubhouse providing hot drinks and sandwiches and there are pubs and local hotel and B&B's that can also be recommended


Average Rating 5
Total Reviews 29
Recommend to Friend 29
7 hours ago
Fantastic experience. Totally hooked. Great pilot who took the time to explain things in detail and made the flight all the better.. try it.
Martin Lawton
8 hours ago
It’s was a surprise 40th present from my wife. Everyone e one of the volunteers were friendly and reassuring. I had George as my instructor who was very friendly and talked me through everything. He was amazing up in the air. I would definitely like to come back and do it over again. It’s run by volunteers who were all very professional.
2 weeks ago
A fantastic experience Plenty of free parking. The airfield is easy to find. Staff very friendly and knowledgeable. I’ve never flown anything before and I chose the 2000ft towed flight. The pre-flight briefing was very thorough (yes, you do get a parachute!). We went in the Janus glider. It’s a 2 seat glider and you sit in the front with the pilot behind you. Alister the pilot was very good, very experienced and adept, and knew a lot about the local area. He was able to point out landmarks as far away as York. The view was amazing, beautiful golden fields and green hedgerows. I flew on a day where the cloud was at about 3000ft. I didn’t really notice the noise or lack of it as I was mainly focussing on the view and movements of the glider and how it interacted with the air around it. The glider itself felt really solidly built. We were towed by a propeller plane up to 2000 ft and over to Drax power station, then released. We circled the power station to get more lift from the rising hot air, and got up to about 2700 ft just below the cloud in a few minutes. There wasn’t really a sensation ascending, just the sudden realisation that the ground was further away. Then Alister gave me control and I flew with his guidance for a few minutes, circling and banking. The stick and the rudder pedals were quite intuitive and I could manoeuvre the glider pretty easily with his input and corrections. After a while I did feel a bit queasy (don’t eat a load of egg and mayonnaise sandwiches half an hour before this if it’s your first time!) so we came back down but Alister was quite willing to stay up longer if I’d wanted to. I’m proud to say I didn’t actually vomit (although a sick bag is provided :-) ). The whole thing lasted about 25 minutes from take-off to landing. It was well worth it and if you’re considering it I would definitely say go for it. A really great experience. Highly recommended.
Peter B
2 weeks ago
Excellent ! The staff at into the blue were great reissuing vouchers due to covid. The actual experience and staff at the airfield were fabulous , humorous, professionsl and great fun! Highly recommend
2 weeks ago
I was part of the party that cane to watch Rob have his first glider experience for his 50h Birthday, the team were excellent and professional and fantastically friendly, would certainly use them again.
Debbie Valentine
front of glider
Gliding in Yorkshire
2000ft Aerotow Flight
Total Price£109.00