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Fencing Course London

near Kings Cross London   

• Try your hand at this exciting Olympic sport
• Introductory sessions & four week course available
• Learn fencing rules, footwork and blade skills
• Use metal fencing swords under expert guidance

What's Included

Introduction to Fencing
•A three hour introductory course in fencing covering attack and defence presentation on Health and Safety in the sport
• Initial warm up exercise
• Basic instruction followed by bouts against your competitors
• Session games
• All kit is provided

Fencing Course
• A four week course as listed below of 90 minute lessons learning all the necessary basics for fencing in a compacted format
• One: Intro, health & safety, warm up, footwork, blade basics, rules & bouts
• Two: Health & safety recap, warm up, footwork, rules, Parry/Riposte & bouts
• Three: Health & safety recap, warm up, footwork, rules, feint/disengage & bouts
• Four: Warm up, electronic fencing and competition with prizes
• All equipment and kit is provided

What Can I Expect

Foil your opponents on a fencing course in London! We are offering both a half day taster session and a package that includes four, once-a-week sessions hosted by the very experienced fencers at this renowned fencing school in the capital.

Fencing is classified into three weapon types, the foil, sabre and épée, all of which you may have seen at the London Excel arena as part of the 2012 olympics. And if you're wondering why the expressions used sound French, that's because our neighbours across the Channel invented the discipline, from the days of proper duelling with swords.

Each fencing lesson at this London centre will start with the all important warm up to get those legs ready to move and every session finishes with a few fencing bouts. If you go for the fencing taster you will be learning to use a foil, and the basics of the sport including footwork and blade moves

Those on the four week course will progress to using electronic scoring suits (called a lame!) and competing against your classmates with prizes for the winners - exciting stuff. After your initial beginner lesson, week two sees you working on your footwork and covering the defensive Parry followed by the Riposte - the counter attack. The third week will cover the feint and disengage tactics that advance your skills for your final lesson, where it's electric fencing, with a competition to finish with a flourish.

Fencing is fantastic for both your fitness and your mind, not only working your muscles and getting the blood pumping, it's also a technical sport designed to make you think, meaning that you can beat a faster, larger opponent.

This fencing course in London takes place at a dedicated fencing centre hidden in the heart of the capital, yet it's like entering a different world when you pull on your fencer's suit and helmet and concentrate on out-manoeuvring your opponent on the floor. Whether you haven't played in a while or are just getting started, a fencing taster or course is sure to be exhilarating and you will learn a lot about outwitting your adversary with the foil.


Introduction to Fencing
• Saturdays throughout the year

Fencing Course

• Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the year


• London, N19

Suitable For

• The introductory session is aimed at adults only or family groups. The minimum age is 6 and all under 16s must be accompanied by a participating adult
• The four week course is suitable for those who would like to brush up skills, follow on from the Into the Blue Introductory Three Hour Course, or really submerge themselves in the sport. Minimum age is 14 and all under 16s must be accompanied by a participating adult
• Participants should wear track suits, t-shirts and trainers


• Spectators are welcome at no additional charge


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about 6 years ago
I attended a taster seminar in fencing with Fighting Fit Fencing Club in London. The teacher Craig was amazing.He was very thorough, very helpful and a good coach.Unfortunately too many in the group were not that co-ordinated, and pretty slow learners, so we didn't get to end the taster session with a competition, which was a pity because I was really good at it:) I am now interested in joining a fencing club.
Carol Holton
about 6 years ago
Enjoyable session, great coach. Good introduction to fencing for beginners
Ian Davies
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Fencing Course London
Four Week Fencing Course
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