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Caving in The Peak District

The Peak District

• One or two-day caving courses in the Peak District
• Explore stunning underground caves & mines
• Learn all about caving & amazing geology
• Choose between horizontal or vertical caving

What's Included

One Day Caving

  • Choose between horizontal or vertical caving
  • Horizontal : View underground rivers and waterfalls. There may be minor climbs and scrambles in wet sections
  • Vertical: Adventure caving combined with the exhilaration of underground abseils and ladder climbing
  • Welcome and safety briefing by highly experienced national qualified instructors over complimentary tea or coffee
  • Learn about caving, geology and find out how to move underground efficiently
  • An oversuit, boots, harness, helmet and head torches are provided
  • All safety equipment is provided
  • You may be in a group of up to 12 people
  • Instructor participant ratio 1:8

Two Day Caving


  • Explore horizontal cave/mine systems
  • Learn essential skills to plan a safe and enjoyable caving trip
  • Learn about personal caving equipment and how to use it correctly
  • Understand caving guidebooks, surveys and grading systems
  • Develop safe and efficient movement and navigation skills
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of the underground environment


    • Explore deeper cave and mine systems using our specialist ladder and safety line techniques
    • Discover fascinating natural and man made scenes that few people ever see
    • Over the course of the weekend you will have the opportunity to explore several different cave systems
    • A true adventure under the hills of Derbyshire
    • You will get wet, it will be dark and you do need to have a good level of fitness

What Can I Expect

Caving in the Peak District - it's unusual, but if you've got a sense of adventure, we think you'll love it. You'll be exploring the underground labyrinth of Derbyshires cave and mining systems on these one and two-day courses in caving. 

First things first, you'll need to get kitted out in all the gear, which is a sturdy waterproof suit and boots, along with a helmet and head torch. Yes, this below ground expedition means you'll be leaving the daylight behind, for a wonderful subterranean world that is lit only by your own lamp.

As you move through the caverns, you might come across extraordinary displays of stalactites hanging from soaring cave roofs and stalagmites growing up from the floor. You'll also encounter underground waterfalls and rivers, which rise and fall according to the weather.

All the time you're caving in the Peak District, you're learning about the geology and the amazing way nature slowly forms these incredible sights over millions of years. You'll discover how these fascinating environments have taken ages to evolve their fantastic shapes, complete with crystal and clay formations. And those long slender stalactites, just able to support their own weight. And the solid, stumpy stalagmites arrayed across the rocky floor. Just two types of calcite formations that will be explained to you by enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides.

As for the difference between horizontal and vertical caving? For horizontal caving you'll be mostly walking along with some stooping and crawling. On vertical caving, you'll be climbing up or down, using special caving rope ladders and going deeper. You'll need to be fairly fit and up for this style of caving.

We are offering non-residential one and two-day courses with this Peak District caving specialist. It's certainly an experience that is out of the ordinary. Go on, give caving a go and get ready to explore the incredible underground world of caves and mines in Derbyshire.


  • Full day sessions are usually on selected Saturdays
  • Two day sessions operate Saturday - Sunday
  • Sessions generally start at 09.30 finishing around 16.30


• Peak District, locations may vary within this area

Suitable For

• Minimum age is 14
• Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult
• A good level of fitness is required

Anything Else

  • You will be in a dark environment which has an average temperature of 10 degrees Celsius
  • A change of clothes and towel in case you get soaked
  • Participants should take decent trainers or walking boots and a packed lunch
  • A hot flask and nibbles for afterwards is advisable
  • A full kit list and advice will be sent from the supplier on booking the event
  • Please note: these are non-residential course, so accommodation is not provided but can be recommended when booking your date