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Archery in Warwick

Wedgnock, Warwickshire   

• Archery at Wedgnock near Warwick
• Ideal for beginners - all gear provided
• A one-hour tutored session with longbows
• All rounded off with a friendly competition!

What's Included

• A one hour archery session
• Full tuition provided by an experienced archery instructor
• Learn the art of using a recurve longbow at the 100 acre activity centre
• Start with a series of practice arrows to learn the basics
• Take part in a competition round once you have mastered the longbow
• All equipment is provided

What Can I Expect

Go to Warwick for your archery lesson and learn to shoot arrows at this centre in the heart of the Midlands! These great value archery sessions will teach you how to shoot straight and true with your arrows.

We are offering vouchers for 2 to 12 people to try archery in Warwick. It's a great set up, with over 100 acres to play in and excellent on-site facilities too. There's loads of free parking, a log cabin welcome centre and the stables housing toilets and showers, with a warm and welcoming club house.

Matt, Steve and their team of dedicated instructors are there to make sure you have a fun time, whilst being safe at all times. You'll be heading to the purpose-built outdoor archery range in a quiet corner of the site for you one-hour lesson in the art of the bows and the arrows.

Each of you will be kitted out with the necessary protective gear and a bow to suit your stature. You'll be using modern recurve longbows for these experiences. After a run through the safety elements, the first step is to learn how to pick up and hold your bow, how to load (or 'knock') your arrows and how to stand facing the targets.

You'll be shooting at traditional roundel targets. Don't be surprised if at first your arrows go whizzing way past or flop unceremoniously on the floor a couple of metres in front of you. After a few shots you'll be getting the hang of this archery malarky and hearing the thud as your arrows landing solidly in the target.

The instructors here at Warwick are patient, friendly and personable, so you'll all have fun learning archery. To round off your session, you'll take part in a little competition to see who amongst your archer friends is the hot-shot of the day. Nothing serious, but a great way to conclude your experience.

This Warwick archery venue is open all year round offering a variety of outdoor activities including these archery lessons. They are great value for money and are a superb choice for small groups of up to 12 to have a go archery together in the Warwickshire countryside.


• Weekdays and weekends throughout the year
• Session are available at 09:30*, 11:00*, 12:30 and 14:00
• * 09:30 and 11:00 sessions are not available on Sundays


• Located on a 100 acre activity centre in Warwick, Warwickshire
• Conveniently located near Junction 15 of the M40

Suitable For

• Minimum age 10
• Minimum height 147cm (58 inches)
• To ensure that any participants under 16 are fully supervised at any time, a minimum of two participating or spectating adults are required
• A minimum of two vouchers must be purchased for this experience

Anything Else

• Some of the archery areas are covered however you will be outside for some of the event time
• Please wear suitable outdoor clothing which is flexible to allow arm movement
• Suitable footwear such as trainers, walking boots or wellies should be worn (no sandals or flip flops)
• A waterproof jacket is advisable
• A clubhouse is close by for tea/coffee and toilets
• You will form part of a group on the day
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Archery in Warwick
Archery Session
Total Price£39.00
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