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Mad Max Truck Driving


• Drive a Mad Max-inspired 4x4 vehicle
• Tackle the military-style 4x4 test track
• This 4x4 is a modified Land Rover Defender
• Choose between 20 and 40 minutes of driving time

What's Included

• Drive a Mad Max inspired Land Rover Defender
• Choose from 20 or 40 minutes drive time
• Welcome, introduction and safety briefing
• Tackle the challenging off road course with challenging and seemingly impossible obstacles
• Fully qualified instructors on hand throughout your experience
• Driving sessions operate on a 1:1 basis
• Allow at least an hour on site

What Can I Expect

Mad Max 4x4. Offroading, but not as you know it! Inspired by the spectacular vehicular beasts from the Mad Max films over the years, this is maxed out 4x4ing that'll really test your mettle to see if you're as brave as the police officer of the future, Max Rockatansky.

This Mad Max-style 4x4 is actually a Land Rover. But it's like a Land Rover on steroids. The ground clearance defies belief, the tyres have the most incredible tread you'll have ever seen and there's a hefty winch. A row of blindingly-bright LED floodlights to light your way in the gloom of the post-apocalyptic world and even roll bars on the outside of the doors. Yep, this is that sort of 4x4 vehicle that wouldn't look out of place in an action movie.

You'll be carrying out your special ops-style mission in a choice of two military locations. In Oxfordshire you're on land that was formerly RAF Abingdon (and is still active as Dalton Barracks), following in the tyre marks of many a soldier in training. It's a similar story at Bovington in Dorset, a large British Army garrison where tank training takes place. You will be tackling the military-style 4x4 test tracks - and they're pretty ferocious in parts. Perhaps just as well you've got an equally fierce vehicle to attack it in.

So strap yourself into the rumble seat and prepare to tackle the impossible. Channel your inner Mel Gibson (or Tom Hardy for newer Mad Max fans) and take on everything these 4x4 test tracks can throw at you and your modified Landy. It might not be the dystopian lands Down Under of the Mad Max films, but even quiet Oxfordshire and Dorset have their fair share of challenging 4x4 terrain you know!

Thankfully your Mad Max 4x4 won't be bristling with weapons to fight crazed baddies of the future, but this of brute of an off roader will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat, as you tackle your very own Fury Road. Let's see if your session driving a beefed up mad Max 4x4 takes you Beyond the Thunderdome! Good luck.


• Selected weekday and weekend dates throughout the year
• Generally three days per month are available
• Sessions are available from 08:30 to 15:30


• Most venues are airfield style circuits with large run off areas

• Abingdon Airfield, Oxfordshire

• All locations are subject to change

Suitable For

• Minimum age 17
• A full driving licence is required
• Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult
• Minimum height 4ft 5ins
• This is not suitable is you have suffered from back, neck or knee problems


• Spectators are welcome to come and watch

Anything Else

  • All drivers on the day will have the option to pay a non-refundable £25 damage waiver which will cover them against any damage that may be caused to the vehicle(s) in the event of an incident
  • Drivers who do not wish to take this waiver will need to sign a disclaimer and will need to be able to cover the cost on the day for any damage to the vehicle up to a maximum amount of £5000. Credit card details will need to be provided with £5000 limit or above for this reason. Debit cards are accepted however please be aware a pre-authorisation applies to debit cards to check funds are available
  • The vehicle used in this experience is an authentic Land Rover Defender, however it was not used in the filming of Mad Max
  • Once you have booked your date with the supplier should you need to to cancel within 7 days of your booking, a charge of £29 per car to re-book will apply.  This also applies to cancellations due to Covid.
  • Cancellation cover is available at the time of booking your date for £20 which would cover any last minute cancellation. 
mad max through muddy water
Mad Max Truck Driving
4x4 Driving Session
Total Price£39.00