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Gliding - Non-powered flight using thermal air currents. IntotheBlue proudly boasts a large range of gliding lessons and flights at glider clubs throughout the UK. Your soaring experience will be accompanied by a pilot qualified under the British Glider Association Regulations so an exhilarating flight is guaranteed.

Gliding lessons use either winch, self-powered or aero launches depending on the particular facilities available at each club, gliding experience vouchers make "perfect flying gifts" and can be used at many gliding centres nationwide.

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Go gliding at Bicester Airfield and you'll be welcomed as part of this big,...

Venue Bicester, Oxfordshire

From £79.00

Gliding vouchers for flights and lessons at UK wide clubs. Gliders reach a...

Venue Nationwide

From £99.00

Evesham from the sky with gliding lessons over Warwickshire. This grassy...

Venue near Stratford upon Avon

From £149.00

Fly at 160mph. Gliding experience with BGA qualified pilot ensures a flight to...

Venue Near Grantham

From £59.00

Glider flying by renowned pilot training centre. Flights and lessons available...

Venue Near Selby

From £89.00

Enjoy a graceful glider flight boasting great views over the Cotswolds.

Venue Near Stroud

From £89.00

See what it's like to be a rookie airman or airwoman on this Glider Pilot Day...

Venue near Stratford upon Avon

From £149.00

There's no better place for a gliding lesson in Corby than at this cracking...

Venue Corby, Northamptonshire

From £59.00

Our Peterborough gliding experiences offer you the superb sensation of speed...

Venue Crowland, Peterborough

From £90.00

'Have a go' gliding activity with this friendly aviation club offering flights...

Venue Near Brackley

From £95.00

Gliding lessons in North Devon, a serene way to see the countryside around...

Venue Umberleigh near Barnstaple

From £95.00

Experience some of the most amazing lift conditions possible in a glider with...

Venue Powys, Wales

From £95.00

Aviation fans will love this glider flight, as this Buckinghamshire airfield is...

Venue Near High Wycombe

From £99.00

Discover the exhilaration of soaring flight with a choice of two options for...

Venue Hoar Cross

From £99.00

For a new way to discover Dartmoor, gliding offers a fantastic airborne...

Venue Tavistock

From £99.00

Fixed wing gliding club offering lessons and flights over North Wales. Each...

Venue Near Wrexham

From £105.00

Top-notch pilots, well-equipped gliding club in Hampshire providing lessons at...

Venue Near Alton

From £109.00

Get in a glider and experience the delights of silent flight in Surrey. This...

Venue Near Croydon

From £115.00

One of the most experienced glider schools in the UK offers flights with...

Venue Near Ashford

From £120.00

Great gliding lessons easily accessible from London and the Home Counties.

Venue Near Dunstable

From £125.00

Gliding experience at ex-RAF airfield used by military glider pilots. Lessons...

Venue Near Leominster

From £159.00


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