Kids Driving Experience

Kids Driving Experience

No adults allowed - this is a kids driving experience page! Your little devils will absolutely love this fine selection of driving experiences just for kids. There's no need to have a full driving licence or even a provisional licence to be able to leap into the driver's seat, as every one of them takes place on private land, well away from the hustle and bustle of the public roads.

The only criteria teens have to meet are the height and age requirements - and that's because in most cases they need to be a minimum height to be able to reach the pedals of whatever fabulous vehicle it is that they will be driving! Read more...

Under 17 Driving Lessons Itching to get behind the wheel of a car before you can officially drive? Now...

From £35.00

First Drive
Junior Quad Biking Mix several parts of mud with several splashings of water and you have one mega...

From £29.00

Junior Quad Biking
Junior Rally driving Too young to drive on the roads? Well no problem, that doesn't stop you being...

From £29.00

Junior Rally driving
Junior 4x4 Off Roading It's actually not that hard to drive a big 4x4 car, even for someone who...

From £49.00

Junior 4x4 Off Roading
Supercars for Kids Four laps of a circuit in a big, fat supercar with a proper racing driver at...

From £29.00

Supercars for Kids
Kids Truck Driving Mini truckers will go wild for this chance to try truck driving for kids, an...

From £99.00

Kids Truck Driving
Kids Hovercrafts Stand by for some serious slipping and sliding on these fabulous kids'...

From £49.00

Kids Hovercraft in Cheshire

Come on kids, this is your chance to shine with driving lessons and experiences geared to you. There's nothing more frustrating than watching your big brother or sister getting behind the wheel when you're still stuck catching the bus everywhere, or, even worse, having to beg someone in the family to give you a lift.

We know you can't wait to start driving for real, but in the meantime, these sessions give you the very best head start possible. After all, it's not every youngster who can boast to their mates that the first car they drove was a big red Ferrari is it?

And what a fleet of vehicles we've got lined up for you eager kids to try. The sensible option (and the one parents' heads say they should go for) are the early driving lessons. You'll be in a dual-controlled driving school car but rather than lurching along a residential road somewhere near where you live, you'll be on a circuit well away from other cars, so you can fully concentrate on getting to grips with the clutch, brake and accelerator.

The brilliant thing about those early drive experiences is that when it comes to driving for real, you won't be starting from square one. However, if you just want to cruise in a flash motor, we can highly recommend a supercar session for young petrol heads. From Astons to Lambos we've got them all, at pro circuits around the UK.

If smooth tarmac isn't your thing, how about a junior quad biking challenge? Quads for really little riders exist that are a lot smaller, so mini riders as young sat seven can hop on and go for a spin. They are super easy to control too, being fully automatic. Rallying for kids is fast and furious too, taking off road skills to a new level.

Contrary to what you mum and dad might think, 4x4 for kids is a great activity, because it's all done at low speeds. Many lads and lasses love these sessions as they get to tackle some serious challenges, often conquering the same tracks the grown ups take on.

As well as a whole load of cars to drive, kids can also get their mitts on lorries and even hovercrafts. Out of the two the hovercraft is by far the trickiest for kiddies to get to grips with, as these things have a tendency to slip and slide all over the shop, but that's all part of the fun isn't it kids?

So there you go kids - driving experiences just for you. Show this page to your parentals and beg them to buy you one of these vouchers for your next birthday or Christmas present and get ready for the driving experience of your (young) life with an expert instructor teaching you all you need to know. Time to hit the throttle, teens!

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