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Personalised Gifts

    • Who do you think you are? Find out with DNA test!
    • Discover population group matches by your DNA
    • A simple DNA swab is taken by you at home
    • DNA is analysed by an approved Lab for your report
    • Become a Scottish Lord or Lady
    • Certificate of land ownership and proof of Title
    • A rose named after your loved one
    • Seeds and growing instruction in gift box
    • Ornate naming certificate with your chosen name
    • A cosmic gift that lasts!
    • Perfect for that 'superstar' friend or loved one
    • Handpicked books delivered to you each month
    • Choose from 3, 6 or 12 month book subscriptions
    • Run by book sellers at an independent bookshop
    • Books are matched to your reading tastes
    • Well know stories but with your chosen names
    • A fun gift for book lovers of all ages
    • All-you-need kits to brew your own beer at home
    • The kits are delivered to your door
    • Simple process with beer brewed in its own keg
    • Become a master brewer in your own home
    • Become an Indian curry master in your own home
    • Easy to follow recipes to make authentic curries
    • Recipe cards & spices delivered to your door
    • Learn new recipes & experience new flavours

Great gifts personalised just for you!

Fancy getting your name in print? Order a classic novel from the IntotheBlue personalised gift service and not only do you get a good read, but it's you who is the hero or heroine! These customised gifts give you the chance to make an already special gift unique. Just imagine your granddaughter is the new Alice in Wonderland. Or perhaps real ale fan Dad would love nothing more than home-brew kit? And why offer a bunch of roses to your fiancee when you could name one after them?

All of our personalised gifts have been hand-selected to bring the most pleasure and the biggest smiles to those people receiving them. The Laird or Lady personalised gift is a real hoot. If you know anyone who jokingly has ‘ideas above their station’, they’ll love to Lord it up as a landowner in the Scottish Highlands. And yes, technically owning a patch of grass there means they are entitled to use Laird or Lady title. Makes a change from being addressed as just plain old Mr or Mrs doesn’t it?

So who do you think you are then? Discover your personal family history

One of these personalised gifts shows you just how unique you are. You’ve all seen the BBC TV show ‘Who do you think you are?’ and indeed, who could forget that moment when actor Danny Dyer found out he was related to royalty? We’ve got ancestry DNA tests that show you where you come from, in relation to world populations. It’s truly fascinating stuff and shows you your family DNA heritage going back literally thousands of years.

If you missed the 'Who do you think you are?’ that featured that cheeky cockney boy, you can watch the Danny Dyer episode in full - just watch his face when he finds out he’s got blue blood! Classic TV.

Bookworms will adore the personalised book subscription. How it works is really simple, yet really clever. After you've answered a few carefully composed questions, the book seller will personally trawl the bookshelves in their shop to pick out reads that match your answers. It's a bit like literary dating. Your personal librarian will then wrap and send the book to your door. A brilliantly customisable gift they’ll love.

All in all we think we’ve got a great little selection of personalised gifts for you. They’re all certainly something very different and once you’ve named that star, become a Laird, or starred in your own classic read -to name but three- your customised gift is there for you to enjoy forever!