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Sporting Activities

    • See your own bat crafted by master bat makers
    • Help choose the willow, profile and bat finish
    • Learn from the specialist team at Millichamp & Hall
    • Take home your own hand crafted Grade 1 Bat
    • Try your hand at this exciting Olympic sport
    • Introductory sessions & four week course available
    • Learn fencing rules, footwork and blade skills
    • Use metal fencing swords under expert guidance
    • Bounce sessions at indoor trampoline arenas
    • Basketball hoops, foam pits, battle beams and more
    • Free grip socks and water for all participants
    • Trampolining fun for all the family
    • Improve your potting on this snooker skills day
    • 1:1 tuition from a World Snooker Grade A coach
    • Learn the history and equipment used in the game
    • Lunch and certificate presentation included
    • Get to grips with Parkour on this 1:1 session
    • Learn vaulting, rolling, climbing and leaping
    • Demonstrations and tips from your instructors
    • Great exercise suitable for all ages & abilities
    • Discover Pilates with these one hour sessions
    • Venues all across the UK
    • Join a group led by a professional pilates coach
    • Develop core strength, tone and body control
    • A 60 minute 1:1 trampoline lesson
    • Learn to bounce and perform basic moves
    • Professional Trampoline instructors
    • Suitable for all ages and abilities
    • A one-hour free-jumping session
    • Bounce like crazy at this trampoline centre
    • Foam pit, battle beams, free jump and dodgeball
    • Suitable for adults and kids
    • Discover Yoga with this one hour class
    • Choose from venues across the UK
    • Calm your mind and restore balance to your body
    • Join a group led by a professional yoga instructor

Go on, get out and get sporty!

As you get older it's just so hard to get motivated to do something sporty. The last time we tried a new sporting activity must have been when we were at school. Since then the routine of everyday life takes over and there's little time for sporting and leisure pursuits…until now, with this superb collection of sport-related activities!

By buying someone you love a voucher to have a go at a new sport, you will be giving them that little push, that tiny bit of encouragement they need to get out of the house and just do it. All sessions are geared to beginners who don't have any gear, so you don't need to invest in any expensive clothes or fancy specialist sports materials to be able to participate.

Sporting activities for all levels of fitness

And participation is key here. All you need to bring along with you is a willingness to give it a go and a bit of enthusiasm. Some of the activities are more physical than others, but all require a certain amount of skill, concentration and co-ordination to succeed. Again, many of us shy away from sports, as they quickly become competitive, but the idea of these taster experiences is to encourage you to take part and, most importantly, enjoy it.

So don't worry about what everyone else is doing, your tutor is here to help you learn the basics of you chosen sporting activity. You never know, you might turn out to be a bit of a natural at it and want to take up the sport as a hobby!

And make your own cricket bat!

Alongside all the yoga, fencing and trampoline sessions, there’s one activity we offer that doesn't quite fit into the mould: our cricket bat making experience, just like Ozzie all-rounder Shane Watson explains in this video.

This experience won't see you playing a match, but rather lifting the lift on the specialist activity of fashioning bats out of willow to create a bat that'll knock you for six, but in the good way!

After that, it's totally up to you whether you're looking for sports activities that'll see you trying a 147 break, foiling your component, throwing your partner to the ground ,or running like the wind and jumping over walls like an urban monkey! Whichever workshop you pick, you are going to be taking on a new sporting activity that'll show you can teach old (or young) dogs new tricks!