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Hopefully this little lot has got your creative gears turning, because now it's over to you! For 2017, we want YOU to invent the new Impossible Experiences to fill the spaces now vacated by our previous winners. That means that as a winner of our Impossible Experiences competition, not only do you receive a great prize, but your idea will be made into a 'real' product page to go alongside our existing ideas!

So yes, we are asking you, our lovely customers, to come up with your own Impossible Experiences to be displayed on this very page. The best part is, it couldn’t be easier to participate in this creative carnival... 

How To Enter

All you have to do is use a bit of imagination and come up with an experience that you would love to see - regardless of how crazy it is. If needs be, use the ones we have concocted for a bit of inspiration.

To send your ideas into us, simply tweet or Facebook them with #impossibleexperiences and you will appear on our social wall at the bottom of this page.

This will display everyone’s ideas and be a place to fuel discussion and invention. What’s more, simply by sending your Impossible Experiences into us, you will automatically be in with a chance of winning a prize. Those who produce our favourite #impossibleexperiences will receive an actual £200 IntoTheBlue gift voucher to spend on experience days you can physically go on. 

If you're a winner what will you choose to do for real? Will you decide to take a flying lesson? How about a parachute jump? Or, if keeping your feet on the ground is more of your thing, a spa pamper day? The choice is entirely up to you and there is a ocean of products to choose from on 

And don't forgot, as well as your £200 token, all winners get the honout of having your idea turned into a 'real' product page and added to the website right here on our Impossible Experiences page. You will be given the choice of writing the product description yourself, or leaving in the very capable hands of the ITB word wizards.

Terms and Conditions

You must get your entry in by midnight on the 28th February 2017. Entries made after this time will not be considered for the competition. UK residents only. No age restrictions. A minimum of four winners will be chosen and contacted by the 4th of March via the social media channel they entered through. You can enter as many Impossible Experiences as you like, but only one entry can be chosen as the winner. Vouchers will be sent via post once a valid UK address is provided.

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