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Paddleboarding Brighton

Hove Waterfront, near Brighton   

• Taster & extende paddleboarding in Brighton
• Learn stand up paddleboarding on calm inland water
• Top tutors will get you from kneeling to standing
• Groups kept to a maximum of 8, minimum age is 13
Paddleboard Taster



What's Included

• A welcome and safety briefing before getting in the water
• Sessions are run by experiences BSUPA instructors
• All specialised equipment is provided, including wetsuits
• You will form part of a group of up to 8 people

Paddleboarding Taster Session
• Kneel and stand up on the paddle board
• Learn self rescue and safety techniques
• Learn basic turns and paddle techniques
• Master the basics of the board, balance and to paddle the board in all directions
• Allow 2 hours for this session

Learn to Paddleboard
• Learn all of the taster session techniques
• An introduction to other paddleboarding disciplines such as racing, surfing and touring
• This experience is for 2 x two hour sessions

What Can I Expect

Paddleboarding in Brighton - take a big board, stand up on it and paddle! The sheer simplicity of this watersport is what makes it so attractive to all ages and all walks of life, as you can go for a gentle cruise, ride the gnarly waves or even race them. These sessions will introduce you to and give you a good understanding of the sport.

Both paddleboarding experiences take place at Brighton's Hove Lagoon. Of course, you are more than likely to see paddleboarders out on the sea catching the swells, but you will have your first taste on the shallow, calm waters of the inland lake. This is ideal for learners, as it's all about gaining confidence on the board and feeling stable - something that is a lot trickier on tidal water.

So what do you need to be able to go paddleboarding along Brighton's lagoon? Well, firstly there's the board. Usually between three and four metres long, they have fins in the stern (that's the underside) to help you track through the water and often have non-slip padded decks. The other essential element is the paddle. It's paramount that you have the right size (usually a few inches taller than your height) so you can paddle easily whilst standing up straight. The Brighton-based team knows their stuff when it comes to paddleboarding and the instructors will make sure you've got the appropriate gear for your stature.

The Taster paddleboarding session in Brighton gives you plenty of time out on those calm waters to be able to get a hang of the basics skills. You will start off kneeling and then make the big step up to actually standing on the board. This for us is the trickiest part, but once you have overcome your fears, you'll realise it actually feels really stable and you don't feel as though you are about to topple off at any moment!

After that it's all about simple paddle techniques, turns and self rescue methods - all of which will be taught by the very capable and patient tutors here. If you opt for the extended Learn Paddleboarding Course, you will enjoy a two hour session. The first hour follows the basic taster course and the second continues looking at more sophisticated paddling techniques and different styles of paddleboarding including racing, surfing and touring - all of which can be done in and around Brighton.

So why not grab your buoyancy aid and wetsuit and get ready for a spot of paddleboarding? Brighton is one of the best locations we've found for an introduction to this great sport, giving beginners the chance to learn on safe waters, whilst the white-capped waves of the sea give you all the encouragement you need to continue with the sport. And it's worth noting that on completion of the extended course you'll be awarded a BSUPA (British Stand Up Paddleboard Association) Ready to Ride certificate, so you can hire the gear and get paddleboarding on Brighton's waters by yourself.


• Selected weekends from April to October


• Hove Waterfront, near Brighton, East Sussex

Suitable For

• Minimum age 13
• This is suitable for beginners or those with a little experience


• Spectators are welcome

Anything Else

• You will need to bring an old pair of shoes (that you don't mind getting wet) a towel and swimwear
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Paddleboarding Brighton
Paddleboard Taster
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