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Helicopter Flying Lessons in Liverpool

Liverpool John Lennon Airport   

• Helis at Liverpool John Lennon Airport
• Helicopter flight school established in 1986
• All lessons count towards your licence
• Try sideways, hovering & spot turn manoeuvres

What's Included

• All lessons include: a welcome briefing from a training co-ordinator
• A 30 or 60 minute flight duration depending on the voucher chosen
• Pre flight video and discussion of flight path
• Refreshments
• Presentation of a flight certificate

What Can I Expect

Our helicopter lessons out of Liverpool offer extra aerial treats for budding chopper pilots. Not only do you get to soar like a (Liver)bird over the most iconic sights of the city centre, you also get to invite an observer to join you as a passenger!

That's because these lessons are operated by a Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter. This is one of the most popular training aircraft around and also happens to have four seats. So, subject to instructor discretion, there's plenty of room for a passenger to share your helicopter fun over Liverpool . And we have to say, being a bigger heli means you will all get fantastic views as you fly.

And Liverpool John Lennon Airport is a great location for a helicopter lesson. It's a busy international airport with full air traffic control and all the facilities to handle big jets. And it's in between these commercial jetliners landing and taking off that you'll be heading out in the helicopter. It might be pretty nerve-wracking at first to think you're in amongst the 'big boys', but it's a pretty cool experience to say the least!

What's more, once you're airborne, there's lots to explore in close proximity of Liverpool's main airport. As well as the city centre itself, there are swathes of countryside to hover over and even those Welsh mountains in the distance, which you'll glimpse on the horizon.

Of course, you're not just here to sightsee, you're here to fly the helicopter. Your experiences pilot instructor will be a teaching you the basics as you fly, giving you a real feel of what it's like to be a pilot. Fly sideways, fly backwards, try some spot turns and classic hovering manoeuvres - it's great fun.

This heli centre has many years of experience in training, as well as providing charter, surveying and aerial filming services alongside helicopter management facilities. That means you're in good hands for your experience. We are offering the choice of 30 and 60 minute helicopter lessons from Liverpool's John Lennon Airport, so if you're keen to get started in rotary aviation in the north west, this is a superb choice.


• Helicopter lessons are usually available 7 days a week all year round, subject to weather conditions


• Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Merseyside within easy reach of Manchester, Warrington and Chester
• Participants must be able bodied and capable of entering and exiting the helicopter unaised
• The captain has the right to refuse anyone they believe to be unfit through drink or drugs or who may compromise flight safety
• Photographic ID must be shown prior to flying

Suitable For

• Minimum age 14 years, minimum height 4'6"
• Under 18s must be accompanied on the airfield by an adult
• Maximum weight 18 stone


• Spectators are welcome to come and watch take off and landing
• There is a comfortable lounge area and outdoor viewing area with great views of the aircraft
• One passenger can usually be taken on the flight (at the pilot's discretion)
• Tea, coffee and squash are available for guests
2 seater heli hovering
Helicopter Flying Lessons in Liverpool
30 minute 4 seater lesson
Total Price£329.00
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