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Gyrocopters Perth

Perth Airport   

• The magic of gyroplane flight at Perth Airport
• Meet & fly Big Nellie auto gyro in Scotland
• Being dual controlled you can have a go at flying
• Various flight durations in this open cockpit gyro

What's Included

An Open Cockpit Gyrocopter Experience
• Pre-Flight briefing and explanation of the controls
• Choose from a 30, 40, 60 or 90 minute flight duration
• During the flight you will have the opportunity to take the controls

What Can I Expect

Gyroplanes - probably the most unique way to get airborne over the gateway to the Highlands! These gyro flights out of Perth Airport are designed to give you an insight into this amazing form of flight with a good dose of stunning Scottish scenery included too.

If you've never seen a gyrocopter in real life before, get ready to meet Big Nellie. We could say she's just a bigger sibling to the famous Little Nellie in the James Bond film, but she most definitely has her own personality.

It'll be Kevin who will be taking you up over the is gorgeous part of Scotland for your inaugural gyroplane flight experience. He is a wonderful pilot instructor with a bucket loads of enthusiasm for the fine art of gyro flying, and is also very patient with all his pupils.

After a safety briefing in the pilot's training room, you'll head out to the apron to meet Big Nellie in all her gorgeous finery. These gyrocopters really are rather distinctive, with that open cockpit, tandem seating configuration and tricycle undercarriage, with the propellor on the rear of the machine, with the rudder and horizontal stabilizer just behind.

Now you've seen her up close, it's time to taxi along one of Perth's three runways (there are two tarmac and one grass one) ready for take off. Before you know it, you'll be gaining height over the airport and heading gracefully over some of Perthshire's finest countryside. At this point we should add that your gyrocopter flight is actually a lesson and with these gyros being dual control, you will have the chance to have a go at flying Nellie. You'll be amazed how light they feel and how easy they are to manoeuvre around the sky - could this be the start of an amazing new aerial hobby?

Modern gyroplanes are incredibly safe and meet all the latest regulations, so despite looking very open and exposed, you will be safely strapped in with your harness and ready to reach for the skies of Scotland. Will you land back at Perth Airport with your first official Gyrocopter Grin?


• Dates by arrangement available throughout the year
• All flights are subject to availability and weather conditions


• Perth Airport, Scone, Perth

Suitable For

• Minimum age 16
• Maximum weight 16.5 stone
• You must be between 4'6" and 6'4" (137cm and 193cm)
• You need to be agile enough to get in and out of the gyrocopter
• Please seek medical advice if you have previously suffered a heart condition or other medical complaint such as back or neck problems
• This experience is not suitable during pregnancy
• All participants must complete an information sheet and waiver prior to flying


• Spectators are welcome

Anything Else

• Please wear warm comfortable outdoor clothing and closed toe footwear, you should also bring gloves to wear on the flight
• A flying suit, helmet and gloves will be provided


Average Rating 5
Total Reviews 13
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8 months ago
I have lost count of the number of flying experiences I have done over the years but this one was the best. The flight, the instruction, the running commentary throughout the flight, the ease I was put in. Everything was spot on I cant thank Kevin enough. I thoroughly recommend it.
John Close
9 months ago
Today's flight was my second Gyrocopter experience, again a present from my wife for my birthday last August. It's valid for a full year so I held back for better weather in the spring. Alas, with this year's spring came Coronavirus and lockdown. But with 3 weeks to spare we were out of lockdown, and found a good day to fly. As it was my second flight in a gyrocopter I knew what to expect. Yes, it looks tiny, but trust me, this has arguably got to be the most comfortable and safest way to fly. The rotor above your head is turned with the wind blowing up through it, and that is what lift you up into the sky. The faster the wind spins the rotor, the more it lifts you up. As you come down the harder the wind blows through the rotor, the more it lift you up. Do the maths. It's simple. You need a dry day because you are sitting in an open cockpit, behind the pilot, wearing a padded flying suit and helmet with earphones and a mike for communication. The controls are the simplest of any flying machine. A joystick and a throttle lever. Plenty of instruments to let you know all about the engine, and speed, and height, and all that, but actually flying the gyrocopter it simply needs a couple of fingers lightly on the joystick, and a steady eye on the horizon to keep you level. With the sides of the cockpit barely and waist height the views from it are unlimited. From a thousand feet or so and the whole of the Tay Valley around you the views are magnificent, you will soon like me, wishing it will last longer. My only word of warning, don't go up in a really hot sunny day. that flying suit can get very hot after a while.
Ian Macdonald
about 2 years ago
I had an awesome time with a very knowledgeable and engaging tutor. He went out of his way to make this memorable for me. Highly recommended!!!
Mike Williamson
about 2 years ago
Had a brilliant day and the experience was amazing can’t thank kevin enough the made it a day to enjoy . Great instructor and talk you through the whole journey . The scenery when your flying is amazing
David maitland
about 2 years ago
I could not stop smiling all the way through the gyrocopter experience and for days afterwards. It was everything I hoped it would be. Kevin was very helpful and professional. I would recommend it highly - many thanks
Marion Robinson
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Gyrocopters Perth
60 Minute Flight plus Briefing
Total Price£175.00
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