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Gyrocopter Flights Kent

Rochester Airport   

• Fly open cockpit gyros from Rochester Airport Kent
• All aircraft are dual-controlled & tandem seating
• Experience the phenomenon of autorotation
• You have the chance to sit up front if you want to

What's Included

An Open Cockpit Gyrocopter Experience
• Choose from a 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute lesson
• A pre flight briefing and explanation of the controls, the chance take the controls and fly the Gyrocopter under the watchful eye of your instructor
• A flying suit, helmet and radio comms are provided
• Lesson time includes 5 minutes for taxiing

15 Minute Sunny Flight
• An exciting trial flight allowing you enough time to try out the controls

30 Minute Bronze Flight
• Fly around the local area including Rochester, Gillingham and St Mary's Marsh

60 Minute Silver Flight
Fly along the Thames Estuary, Gravesend, Maidstone and Leeds Castle

90 Minute Dover Flight
Follow the North Downs, past Ashford and Folkstone taking in the sights including Leeds and Dover Castle. Experience stunning views across the Dover Straight

What Can I Expect

This unusual aerial gyrocopter experience gives you the chance to discover what it's like to fly a hybrid of a helicopter and fixed wing plane. The first prototypes of gyrocopters were invented back in 1919 by Juan de la Cierva and have proved eternally popular due to their flight agility and simplicity of design and construction. Flying in one of these rotor-motion machines will be a sky-high experience like no other!

Also known as gyroplanes or rotorplanes, these modern gyrocopters are dual-controlled twin-seater aircraft with a tandem layout. If you are keen, your experienced gyrocopter pilot will be happy for you to sit in the front for your flight, giving you the best views and the chance to help them with the start-up procedures.

Gyrocopters are unique in using the phenomenon of autorotation - where forward motion causes the rotor blades to spin and produce lift. An engine and prop provide thrust, like a plane or microlight, but the rotors don't need an engine to drive them (unlike a helicopter with directly driven rotors), relying instead on the aerodynamic force of moving air to rotate them. But don't worry, you won't be tested on any of this technical info during these gyrocopter flights!

These ingenious creations can fly at surprisingly slow speeds whilst maintaining full control and with a headwind they can practically hover, appearing to simply float in the air, all thanks to autorotation. The result is a helicopter-like ride without the noise of the engines - instead, there's just the steady 'thrum' of the rotors turning. These gyro craft offer real performance and boasting short take off and landing distances means you'll be maximising your airtime on these gyrocopter lesson experiences.

Standard craft have open cockpits, so you'll be provided with a flying suit and helmet with radio communications, enabling you to talk to your gyro pilot as you fly. The gyrocopter you'll be in is a factory designed and built MT03 Gyroplane, fully approved and maintained to CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and manufacturer standards. All the gyro pilots hold CAA Instructor ratings, ensuring you're in safe hands throughout the flight.

If you're already a flying enthusiast or just fancy taking to the skies in a less conventional manner, this intriguingly innovative gyrocopter experience is sure to pique your interest. Blending two modes of aeronautical transportation into one seamless airborne adventure, our gyrocopter flights here in Rochester will get your flying dreams off the ground in no time.


• Weekends and weekdays throughout the year
• Flights are subject to availability and weather conditions


• Rochester Airport, Kent

Suitable For

• Minimum age 14
• Maximum weight 16 stone
• You must be between 4'6" and 6'4" (137cm and 193cm)
• You need to be agile enough to get in and out of the gyrocopter
• No previous flying experience is required
• Front seat experience is at the instructors discretion
• Please seek medical advice if you have previously suffered a heart condition or other medical complaint such as back or neck problems
• This experience is not suitable for pregnant mothers
• All participants must complete an information sheet and waiver prior to flying
• Please wear warm comfortable outdoor clothing and closed toe footwear, you should also bring gloves to wear on the flight


• Spectators are welcome to watch your gyrocopter flight
• There is a clubhouse which is usually open to visitors, along with a cafe at weekends


Average Rating 5
Total Reviews 42
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8 months ago
Brilliant experience. Had I little difficulty getting into the gyrcoptor as my back was a little sore but hubby help . Once in it was comfortable .more than an open cockpits microlight .it is very open but you have a harness and a helmet with cons to pilot. Seat was comfortable and the views are get the option to try and fly .I didn't,but hubby had a go . We would both do this again. The pilot was very nice and felt safe though out
8 months ago
Great experience!!!! Kai was friendly and very informative and made the trip memorable. Have done a number of flights in various craft but this ranks as one of the best.
A Russell
8 months ago
one of the best things I have done. next time I will book the 90min flight, as the hour was over to quick thanks Kai
steve Taylor
about 2 years ago
Amazing! Felt so surreal, loved every second! Definitely recommend! Book the half hour slot if you can as it goes so quick!
about 2 years ago
Best ever way to fly for 90 minutes on a great route, great value for money and beats Hang gliders, Helicopters, Solo Skydive ( only as it’s over too quickly ), single prop Plane ( excepting a Spitfire or a fighter Jet over Mach 2 )
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Gyrocopter Flights Kent
15 Minute 'Sunny' Flight
Total Price£75.00
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