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Ferrari 430 in Scotland

Knockhill Racing Circuit, Fife   

• Drive the iconic Ferrari 430 at Knockhill Circuit
• 4 coaching laps in a hot hatch
• 6 driving laps in the Ferrari F430
• Debrief with driver assessment and Certificate

What's Included

Ferrari F430 Coupe Experience
  • Welcome, introduction and track briefing
  • 4 coaching laps at the wheel of the Honda Civic Type R
  • Demonstration drive by your instructor
  • 6 driving laps of a Ferrari F430 Coupe
  • You will be driving on the 1.3 mile International Circuit - the professional race-standard tarmac circuit
  • Debrief with driver assessment and certificate
  • Please allow approximately 2 hours for this experience
  • Complimentary premium gift packaging from Into The Blue

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What Can I Expect

The famous Knockhill Circuit in Fife is the venue for this fabulous Ferrari driving experience in Scotland! Motoring fans north of the border will love this experience as it combines a bit of Mediterranean glamour with the challenges of this well-known twisty and turning Knockhill track.

To start your experience, you drive four coaching laps in the Honda Civic Type R - not a bad whip for a quartet of training laps eh? This little pocket ninja of a car has been a firm favourite with petrolhead for years, so we're sure you'll agree that your Scottish driving experience gets off to a racy little start.

The idea of the laps is not just to have a serious amount of fun out there, but to also take the opportunity to get used to the foibles of the Knockhill track (this is no coned out airfield track after all, it's a circuit used for proper racing series and comps). The instructor will be at your side throughout so you can learn more about the racing line, the curves and corners, as well as optimal braking positions and speeds.

Next up is two demonstration laps in the Civic with your expert host at the wheel. If you though you were doing well, these two loops of the Knockhill track will show you just how the pros can get the best out of any motor, be it a feisty little hatchback or an expensive Ferrari, as they peddle away, pushing that rev counter to the red line, you can't help but be impressed!

Then it's time for the crux of the matter - the Ferrari F430 in Scotland. Standby for six superb laps around the International circuit at legendary Knockhill. Drive out of the pit lane, line up at the lights and as they change from red to green it's go, go, go and your Ferrari driving in experience in Scotland is most definitely underway as you hoon it down the straight you now know so well into the first sweeping corner. You will experience the true power and roar F430 at the country's premier racing circuit that has seen a plethora of big name races over the years. Expect it to be fast, exhilarating and fun - enjoy!


• Choose from a weekday only voucher or an anytime voucher to include weekend availability
• Sessions are offered throughout the year with various start times, including some evenings throughout the summer


• Knockhill Racing Circuit, Fife

Suitable For

• All drivers must hold a full UK or European driving licence and be able to drive a manual car
• As long as you can drive a normal car there are no height or weight restrictions
• Drivers should dress for comfort and the outdoors - such as jeans and trainers


• Spectators are welcome, free of charge
• There are good views of the track used for this Ferrari experience

Anything Else

• As a renowned race circuit Knockhill has very good facilities with toilets and refreshments on site during experience days
Ferrari 430 knockhill
Ferrari 430 in Scotland
Weekday Ferrari 430
Total Price£279.00