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Gone in 60 Seconds Mustang GT500 Experience

Locations Nationwide   

  • Drive an Eleanor-style Shelby Mustang classic
  • Just like the car featured in 'Gone in 60 Seconds'
  • A choice of distances and venues
  • Live out the epic Nicolas Cage movie in this car!

What's Included

  • Drive a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500
  • Choose from 3 mile blast or 6 mile thrill
  • Welcome introduction and safety briefing
  • Fully qualified instructors are there to give advice
  • Allow at least one hour on site

What Can I Expect

That famous GT500 car named Eleanor was Gone in 60 Seconds, but you'll be pleased to hear that with this experience there's no need to have the audacity of Memphis and his gang to steal one, as this Eleanor Mustang will be waiting for you to drive her!

You can't beat a good old action/heist movie and the original Gone in 60 Seconds that came out in 1974 was good, but the 2000 remake starring the likes of Nicolas Cage (Memphis), Angelina Jolie (Sway), Christopher Eccleston ('The Carpenter') and a certain Shelby-style Mustang called Eleanor is pure car jacking gangster genius, with more car chases and high speed getaways than you can shake a stick at

We won't recount the whole plot here, but needless to say, it involves young gun Kip getting intro trouble as he launches his car stealing career. Retired pro car thief brother Memphis gets called in to help and the only way to save Kip is to nick 50 cars for Brit bad boy Raymond Calitri, all whilst the cops are on the tail of their plan.

The gang decides to carry out the raids in one day, with each car stolen literally going in less than 60 seconds. After several twists and turns, the showstopping finale is the moment Memphis has to steal the gleaming 1967 Shelby Mustang. This is Memphis's nemesis as he has never managed to take one in his whole car thieving 'career' and the Police know it too…

The showdown comes as Memphis drives away in the Mustang, but then encounters traffic on the Vincent Thomas bridge. With the police giving chase, it's time to hit a ramp and leap over the cars…but is it too late as Memphis delivers the 50th car on the list after the deadline has past and damaged?

We can't promise as much drama as the film, but the Mustang you'll be driving is a spot-on replica of Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds and is a dream to drive. These high-powered American beauties are true classics and you will love powering around the corners like seasoned car jacker Memphis - just remember you have to give this one back at the end of your run!


  • Selected weekday and weekend dates throughout the year
  • Sessions are available from 08:30 to 15:30


  • Cornwall  Perranporth Airfield (bi-annual event)
  • Crawley  Haywards Heath
  • Hampshire  Farnborough Circuit (limited dates)
  • Ipswich   Wattisham Airfield
  • Lincolnshire  Blyton Park
  • Northampton  Sywell Aerodrome
  • Norwich  Tibenham Circuit
  • Oxfordshire  Abingdon Airfield
  • Oxfordshire  Bicester Circuit
  • Oxfordshire  Bicester Heritage (limited dates)
  • Staffordshire  Lichfield Race Track
  • Sunderland  Warden Law Motorsports Centre
  • Wales   Llanbedr Airfield
  • Warwickshire  NAEC Stoneleigh
  • Wigan  Three Sisters Circuit
  • York  Tockwith Circuit 
Premium circuit upgrade available for a supplement (payable directly when booking)
  • Wiltshire  Castle Combe Circuit - £25 (full driving licence required)
  • Surrey  Dunsfold Airfield - £35
  • Most venues are airfield style circuits with large run off areas
  • All locations are subject to change and are updated regularly

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 17
  • Participants must hold a full valid UK driving licence
  • Maximum weight 20 stone
  • Minimum height 5ft


  • Spectators are welcome

Anything Else

  • The car you'll drive is an authentic 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 styled on 'Eleanor' from the 2000 movie Gone in 60 Seconds. This particular vehicle was not used in the movie
  • All drivers on the day will have the option to pay a non-refundable £25 damage waiver which will cover them against any damage that may be caused to the vehicle(s) in the event of an incident
  • Drivers who do not wish to take this waiver will need to sign a disclaimer and will need to be able to cover the cost on the day for any damage to the vehicle up to a maximum amount of £5000. Credit card details will need to be provided with £5000 limit or above for this reason. Debit cards are accepted however please be aware a pre-authorisation applies to debit cards to check funds are available
  • Once you have booked your date with the supplier should you need to to cancel within 7 days of your booking, a charge of £29 per car to re-book will apply.  This also applies to cancellations due to Covid.
  • Cancellation cover is available at the time of booking your date for £20 which would cover any last minute cancellation.


      Average Rating 4
      Total Reviews 11
      Recommend to Friend 11
      about 5 years ago
      Great experience, looking forward to doing it again
      Steve Clarke
      about 5 years ago
      Whilst my partner really enjoyed driving the car, he was slightly disappointed that it seemed a little scratched, he was expecting it to be more perfect. also £35.00 for a video of the experience or £25 for just a photo is ridiculous. especially when he felt pressured into the insurance and test drive. overall the experience day price was doubled on the day.
      Danielle Gay
      about 6 years ago
      This was a dream come true to drive this car, the only down side was the weather, but that cannot be helped. I would highly recommend this to any fan of the film, car, or any other petrol head.
      Robert Bunclark
      about 6 years ago
      Shame I traveled so far and couldn't get to drive the car I wanted to. But apart from that it was good
      Kevin cole
      about 6 years ago
      21st birthday gift for my son. Amazing experience with reasonably priced extras on the day.
      perry brasseaux
      Gone in 60 Seconds Mustang GT500 Experience
      3 Mile Shelby Mustang GT500 Blast
      Total Price£49.00