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Learn to surf like the experts. Surfing lessons are now available at prime beach locations like Cornwall and Sunderland. Surfing is one of those uber cool extreme sports that has an undeniably idyllic lifestyle associated with it - a life of beaches, sunshine and chilling out watching sunsets.

Before you know it you'll be swopping the family hatchback for a camper van and pootling down to the coast at the weekends to hang ten, catch some waves and generally be a cool surfing dude or dudette!

Body Boarding in Cornwall

When you head out into the open sea with your body board, it's the surf versus...

Venue Newquay

From £45.00


Malibu Surfing in Cornwall

Surfing lessons 'stand-up' style! This is the most satisfying way to ride surf...

Venue Newquay

From £49.00


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