Have a Great 16th Birthday

Looking for great 16th birthday gift ideas? You've come to the right place with a superb selection of 16th birthday ideas that any young man or lady turning 16 will love including adrenaline adventures, fun driving activities and the chance to learn something new. Each one of the activities shown is ideal as a 16th birthday gift and can be bought directly online as a voucher valid for 12 months. A superb selection of gift ideas awaits you on our main gifts page.

Photoshoot Experiences for Couples and Families


From £10.00

Paintballing Days

Paintballing Days

From £15.00

Flight Simulator Experiences

Flight Simulators

Was £35.00 NOW £21.00

Experience the thrill of Sphereing and Zorbing


From £29.00

White Water Rafting Experience

White Water Rafting

Was £43.00 NOW £29.00

Bungee Jumping Experience

Bungee Jump

From £30.00

Quad Biking UK


From £35.00

UK Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding and Ski

From £35.00

Young Driver Lessons

First Driving Lesson

From £35.00

sticker Scuba Diving UK-Wide for Two

Scuba Diving for Two

Was £45.00 NOW £39.00

Go Kart Racing Experience


From £39.00

Private Flying Lessons

Flying Lesson

From £49.00

Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving

From £49.00

Western Riding in New Forest

Western Riding

From £59.00

sticker Junior Helicopter Flight London

Junior Helicopter Flight London

Was £99.00 NOW £59.00

sticker Kids Supercars

Junior Supercars Nationwide

Was £95.00 NOW £69.00

DJ Experience

DJ Experience

From £99.00

RYA Courses in Dorset

RYA Courses in Dorset

From £195.00

Ideas for those sweet 16th birthdays

Sweet sixteen and never been kissed' isn't that what they say? Being 16 these days can be tough. You're not quite a fully fledged adult, but you're no longer just a terrible teenager either. You're on the road to adulthood, so when you celebrate your 16th birthday it's a perfect time to fulfill one of those 'Sixteen and never...' dreams.

We're talking a gift that'll see them doing something they've never done before. Trying an activity that's a bit different. Going somewhere new. When it comes to being 16 years old it's all about getting the adrenaline going and doing something properly 'grown up' and exciting.

Of course for parents, the idea of their 'little baby' turning 16 is cause for wonderment and exclamations such as 'Where did the time go' and 'It feels like only yesterday since you were born and now we're at your 16th party'. Embarassing mums and dads aside, the 16th birthday is always a good excuse to have some fun with friends and family.

So go on, have a browse of the gifts we've selected just for those soon to be 16 year olds and give them the biggest surprise of their lives so far on their 16th birthday, courtesy of Into the Blue! More birthday gift ideas are available courtesy of IntotheBlue!

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