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Indoor Skydiving

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Indoor Skydiving
Indoor Skydiving is THE indoor adrenaline sport of the moment! Imagine throwing yourself into the gush of air from a vertical wind tunnel to experience all the sensation of freefalling, but without the need to train and get in a plane!

These indoor skydiving experiences are suitable for all ages, including children as young as four. As long as you're fairly fit and able-bodied you'll be able to skydive in front of your friends and family in a proper flying suit and goggles - sounds to us like an excellent photo opportunity as you bob up and down in the wind tunnel...

Indoor Skydiving

All the fun of skydiving without the hassle and expense as you're indoors!

Venue Milton Keynes, Manchester, Basingstoke

From £49.00


Extended Skydiving Simulator

Sky dive indoors in extended fashion. Two sessions each lasting two minutes is...

Venue Milton Keynes, Manchester, Basingstoke

From £79.00


Family Airkix Vouchers

Airkix vouchers for a superb family skydiving day out. You can feel the thrill...

Venue Milton Keynes, Manchester, Basingstoke

Was £200.00 NOW £170.00


Windtunnel fun for those ready for a proper adrenaline rush!

Who'd have thought that jumping in what is essentially a vertical wind tunnel, could be such a laugh? These Airkix activities will see you donning a proper professional wing suit, helmet and transparent goggles before taking the intrepid leap into the forced air…and the sensations are truly amazing.

The tunnel itself is actually quite small in diameter, but is very high, with a perspex surround so spectators can check out all the action (and believe us it's very entertaining as you can't help pulling funny grimaces!). As you look down into it from the 'doorway' you'll see what appears to be netting across the base. Beginners to this sport will start the session by lying down on the net and as the fans start up, you will be lifted into the air.

If, when you're at the venue, you're lucky enough to see some of the seasoned regulars (each centre has clubs and even freestyle teams) you'll be amazed as they simply run and jump straight into the airstream. And the synchronised tricks they pull are incredible.

Those who have never tried this sort of madcap activity before will love the feeling of near weightlessness as the wind almost literally blows you away. Don't worry, you won't be going anywhere too far, as the instructors are alway on hand to re-position you if necessary!

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