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Skydiving Salisbury

Salisbury Wiltshire


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Tandem Skydive £250.00

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A tandem skydive from around 10,000 feet
• Welcome and safety briefing
• Instruction on the jump and landing procedures
• Allow up to 90 minutes preparation time for the jump
• A 20 minute scenic plane ride over Salisbury country side
• One jump from the aircraft strapped to the instructor
• Bodysuit, helmet, goggles and gloves are provided
• All jumps are weather dependent
• Participants should allow a whole day for this experience
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What can I expect on the day

Hop in plane, jump out of it and skydive over Salisbury Plain! This high-thrills skydiving experience will give you nearly one very intense minute of absolute free-fall in the skies above this, the most picturesque part of Wiltshire that surrounds Old Sarum airfield.

The great thing about tandem skydives is that there is no long training course to prepare for your jump. This Salisbury school has a skydive training room where you and your fellow novice skydivers gather to be introduced to the staff, be shown what the tandem harness looks like and be talked through what will happen once you are in the aeroplane and what to expect when it comes to jumping out - then it's action stations as you get ready for the off!

Jumpsuit, head gear, goggles and harness on, you will head out to the aircraft sitting out on the apron. You'll be fine as you load into the plane and get harnessed up ready with your expert skydiving instructor (and this Salisbury crew is especially known for being very smiley and good at putting you all at ease!). But as soon as you take off, that's when the realisation kicks in that you won't be going back down in the plane - you'll be floating down to earth instead!

The school uses Cessna and Gippsland aeroplanes that are specifically equipped for transporting skydive groups and in around 20 minutes you will reach the perfect altitude for a first skydive over Salisbury - around 10,000ft. As the door opens, your heart is sure to be in your mouth, but as soon as you've exited the plane, the rush of wind hits your face and your gravity-powered fall starts as the engine noise fades away….and the silence is only broken with your yelps of delight!

Drink in this moment, as it is truly the Holy Grail of skydiving. Half a delicious minute over the Salisbury Plains in liberating free fall. It's cheesy but it's true, there's no other sensation like it. As you reach a height of around 5000ft, the instructor deploys the canopy and it's stage two of your skydive - a gentle descent as you float back down to the drop zone below.

As soon as you touch down on Salisbury soil, you will soon become aware of the cheers and applause of friends and family who have been proudly looking on watching your fabulous feat of aerial agility and we can bet you've got THE biggest smile on your face too. A well-deserved high five with your skydiver instructor and it's time to head back to the school's jumper zone to thank those lovely people who bought you that voucher for a skydive in Salisbury!

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When is it available?

• Selected dates throughout the year, subject to weather conditions 
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Where can I do this experience?

• Salisbury, Wiltshire
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Who is it suitable for?

• Minimum age is 16
• Under 18s will need a parent or guardians written consent
• Maximum weight is 16 stone
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Can anyone come along to watch?

• Spectators are welcome to come and watch
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