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• Learning to fly experiences are timed from 'chock to chock', ie. from when the plane starts to taxi to when it switches off at the end
• You will have a briefing with your pilot in addition to this
• Some flight centres will also include a personalised certificate, showing you have made the first steps in learning to fly
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What can I expect on the day

If you've ever said 'I want to learn to fly' there's no better time to take the leap and find out more about learning how to fly a plane with these great value 60 minute lessons from Intotheblue.

This is where you'll get a real insight into learning what it takes to fly in a modern light aircraft and what all this talk of addiction to flying is all about. We've got a whole host of venues across the UK for you to choose from, so no matter where you are, you won't have to travel far to be able to fly.  Learning the basics on one of our 60 minute lessons is a thrilling introduction to the 'wonderful world of flight'.

On arriving at your chosen training school you'll be introduced to your pilot instructor, who will then run through the plane's safety briefing with you on the ground, including how things like the fuel needs to be checked before you fly, along with the plane's nose wheel, aileron and flaps - to name but a few. Even once the aircraft's engine has started there are checklists on taxiing and just before takeoff, so it's a busy time in the cockpit and, being seated up front beside your pilot, you'll be able to take it all in.

Once given clearance to fly by Air Traffic Control, make the most of the take off to check out the views below from your privileged position, as once the plane has reached altitude, gazing out of the window stops and it's time to learn just how easy it is to fly one of these fabulous little planes. You will be charged with flying the plane to altitude, whilst the instructor keeps the plane trimmed, manages the rudder and speaks to ATC. Before you know it you will be learning how to make turns, keep the nose up (but not too much!) and come out of the manoeuvre still flying at the target altitude in your plane.

How your 60 minute flying time is described, chock to chock, means that it runs from when the plane taxis away, to switching the engine off on your return. You will soon learn that you can cover a surprising distance in that time, giving you ample opportunity to get a feeling you are really learning to fly as you relax into being behind the controls of the plane.

If you want to learn to fly to gain your Private Pilot's Licence, these one hour fly a plane experiences will count towards your training course if you continue learning to fly in a light airplane. However, if you're not tempted by getting airborne, why not have an inspirational browse of our gifts section for more amazing gift ideas from IntotheBlue!   

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When is it available?

• Fly a plane experiences are usually available on weekdays and weekends throughout the year, depending on favourable weather conditions

• Although time slots are allocated please be aware that aircraft lessons are subject to a number of factors which may potentially cause delay to your scheduled time. Whilst every effort will be made to help keep you on time we ask for a degree of latitude owing to the nature of flying, air traffic delays and weather considerations
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Where can I do this experience?


 £135 - Selected Airfields  £149 - Nationwide Airfields          
HAMPSHIRE, SouthamptonCAMBRIDGESHIRE, Peterborough
KENT, Biggin Hill
HAMPSHIRE, Southampton
KENT, Biggin Hill

DORSET, Salisbury

  YORKSHIRE, Doncaster
 WARWICKSHIRE, Wellesbourne*
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Who is it suitable for?

• The minimum age is 14 years old (16 for Blackpool)
• Minimum height is 4'6", maximum 6'4" with a maximum weight of 14 stone
• Customers need to provide two forms of identity including a photo id, e.g. a passport prior to flying the plane
• Maximum height at Biggin Hill is 6'1"
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Can anyone come along to watch?

• Friends and family are welcome to come and watch you learning to fly
• Flight centres offer different levels of facilities, however most have a clubhouse providing toilets, viewing areas and refreshments
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Anything else I need to know?

* The flights at Bicester and Wellesbourne use a powered glider aircraft.  If conditions allow part of the flight can include a demonstration of gliding if requested 

When learning to fly with Into the Blue, you can be assured all venues are Civil Aviation Authority registered. 
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