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Segway Experiences
Go on a segway experience with these personal transporters. Segways, a UK invention are mad little self-balancing things that will have you in stitches...not literally of course, but they really are fun to ride.

The technology behind them is quite amazing, but that's not what you'll be interested in when you opt for these adventurous experiences. As soon as you get the hang of how they work you'll be whizzing round with a big smile on your face! 

Segway Adventure Berkshire

When segway riding landed on the Into the Blue new activity gift experiences...

Venue Near Reading

Was £30.00 NOW £15.00


UK Wide Segway Days Out

Segway, UK venues the length and breadth of the country are now available...

Venue 13 Locations Nationwide

From £29.00


Experience a Segway Rally

Have a go at a Segway Rally and you'll get to experience what it feels like to...

Venue 10 Locations Nationwide

Was £29.00 NOW £15.00

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First there was the wheel, then there was the Solowheel! This motorised...

Venue Waltham Abbey, North London

From £59.00


1hr Segway Experience in London

Get on your Segway personal transporter and ride around Alexandra Palace on...

Venue Alexandra Palace

From £29.00


Segway Edinburgh

Go for a slide on a Segway near Edinburgh! This outdoor centre in the heart of...

Venue Fife

From £15.00


Segway Safari Manchester

Have you got what it takes to go on a superb safari in Manchester?

Venue near Manchester

From £18.00


Timed Lap Segway Surrey

Our Segway Surrey experiences are a fantastic introduction to this innovative...

Venue near Godstone

From £19.00


Segways Milton Keynes

Tackle a trio of zones on this Segway Milton Keynes experience! If you're...

Venue Milton Keynes

From £19.00


Segway Riding North Yorkshire

Segway Yorkshire - go on, be brave and and try Segway riding around a country...

Venue Bedale, North Yorkshire

From £25.00


Segways in Thirsk

Obstacles and a cross country trail to tackle at this picturesque venue in...

Venue North Yorkshire

From £25.00


Segway Sherwood Forest

Segway through Sherwood Forest in style with this Woodland Adventure...

Venue Sherwood Forest

From £29.00


Segway Thrill in Ware

Get on a Segway in Hertfordshire to explore the very best terrain this...

Venue Hertfordshire

From £29.00


Segway Shropshire

Learn to control a personal transporter on this fun experience in Shropshire...

Venue Shropshire

From £29.00


Coastal Segway Dumfries & Galloway

Explore the hills and fields when you take a Segway over Scotland's finest...

Venue Castle Douglas, Dumfries

From £29.00


Segway Adventure Leeds Castle

Sightseeing with a difference when you Segway at Leeds Castle in Kent! And no,...

Venue Leeds Castle, Maidstone

From £30.00


Segway Tour Fort William

See the sights on a Personal Transporter on this stunning tour in Fort William!

Venue Fort William, Scotland

From £30.00


Segways in Cornwall

This has got to be our most unusual location for sampling personal transporters

Venue Goonhilly Earth Station

From £30.00


Segways Perth

Located in Perth, Scotland this 1hr personal transporter activity lets you get...

Venue Scone Palace

From £35.00


Segway Adventure Lancashire

Go for a glide around the lovely Country Parks of Lancashire...

Venue 4 Locations

From £35.00


Segway Liverpool

See squirrels and the seaside on this ride in Formby Pine Woods near...

Venue Liverpool or Southport

From £35.00


Segways Lincolnshire

Our Segway Lincolnshire experience will see you taking on a small green...

Venue Grantham, Lincolnshire

From £35.00


Segways Northampton

Take on the purpose-built track at Whilton Mill on your X2 personal...

Venue near Daventry

From £39.00


Segways Winchester

A 45 minute experience on the tracks and trails of this outdoor centre near...

Venue Winchester, Hampshire

From £39.00


Segway Day in Cheshire

A tranquil village setting for a ride experience that gives you 45 minutes on...

Venue Chester

From £39.00


Segways Norfolk

Tackle the track on a personal transporter...

Venue Kings Lynn

From £39.00


Go gyroscopic with these amazing machines!

These two-wheeled scooter-like vehicles are all the rage. They are actually self-balancing and battery operated, so they run silently and at speeds of up to 20km/h for several hours before needing a recharge. You mostly see them being used in big places like airports and warehouses as personal transporters, but we are offering a very special activity….

Using Segway X2s, the special cross country versions of these machines, you will head off the beaten track for a spot of riding in the countryside with a difference. In the UK they are only licensed for off road use, so all our venues are away from the public roads, making it really safe as well. And of course, if you have never even ridden one of these rather odd looking contraptions before, tuition to get you up and running is included, as is a helmet and protective gear.

In fact, not only are these experiences like little mini-treks on two wheels, where you get to tackle challenges such as rutted terrain, muddy paths and steep slopes, you also get to do some rather pleasant sightseeing. Imagine whizzing around on your X2 Segway checking out the architecture of Alexandra Palace, the historic Lowether Estate in Cumbria or ride like Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest. 


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