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Off Roading 4x4 Driving

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Off Roading 4x4 Driving
Off road driving isn't as easy as it looks and will certainly challenge your best driving skills to the max! With a huge choice of 4x4 off road adventures to choose from we'll have just the right experience for you!

Off roading presents many driving hazards, rivers to cross, ravines to climb, gullies to straddle and guaranteed mud slides but whatever off road 4x4 adventure you choose be prepared for a driving day packed with fun! 

Off Roading in Berkshire

Off Roading Berkshire - it's time for a real 4x4 escapade! This off roading...

Venue Near Reading, Berkshire

Was £49.00 NOW £35.00


4x4 Experiences in Kent

Take an off road experience in Kent and get a.....

Venue Eastwell Manor Estate near Ashford

From £69.00


Off Road in 8 different locations

Half day off roading days - your choice of venue from 8 nationwide.

Venue 8 venues Nationwide

From £119.00

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Unforgettable 4x4 in Shropshire

Take the road less travelled in a 4x4 in Shropshire! With the choice of testing...

Venue Oswestry, Shropshire

Was £258.00 NOW £129.00


Off Road in Mid Kent

Over 70 acres of off road courses to tackle - with forests, fields and orchards...

Venue Near Maidstone

From £44.00


Supacat 6x6 Off Road Driving

Ramp up the all-terrain action with this thrilling 6x6 off road experience!...

Venue Surrey

From £85.00


Off Road in Northamptonshire

It's white knuckle stuff all the way as you experience 4x4 driving to the max!

Venue Rockingham Castle near Corby

Was £99.00 NOW £89.00


Off Road in Sussex

Not just any old 4x4, you'll be driving specially built dirt-munching ones!

Venue Near East Grinstead

From £139.00


Extreme 4x4 Course Silverstone

See an iconic racing location in a completely new way with our off-road...

Venue Northamptonshire

From £75.00


4x4 Off Roading Surrey

Off-roading in Surrey - can you handle it? This farm estate just outside...

Venue Redhill, Surrey

From £125.00


4x4 Driving Buzz Staffordshire

Forget plain old tarmac – for a real driving buzz, take our Staffordshire...

Venue Staffordshire

From £29.00


Exclusive 4x4 Driving Hants

A trio of choices for you on our 4x4 in Hampshire experiences! Whether you've...

Venue Andover, Hampshire

From £49.00


Taxing 4x4 Experience

Demanding and rewarding at the same time - that's what taking the wheel of a...

Venue Grantham, Lincolnshire

From £50.00


4x4 Thrill Yorkshire

Your off roading playground is a disused quarry - amazing terrain for 4x4...

Venue Near Doncaster

From £65.00


Rockingham 4x4 Off Road

For the ultimate rough-ride drive, our Rockingham 4x4 experience is hard to...

Venue Rockingham Race Circuit

Was £99.00 NOW £69.00


Muddy 4x4 Sessions in Suffolk

Tyres spinning, engine revving, muddy water up to the door handles – just...

Venue Newmarket

From £72.00


4x4 Taster Bucks

Take a 4x4 Offroading In Milton Keynes and see just what these cars (and you)...

Venue Milton Keynes

From £72.00


4x4 Off Road Newcastle

Discover the might of the Land Rover Defender on this 4x4 driving...

Venue Northumberland near Hexham

From £77.00


4x4 Obstacle Course Somerset

A delicious 4x4 driving mix of dense woodland and open countryside.

Venue Bath & West Showground

From £83.00


Off Road Experience Scotland

The wilds of Scotland give a breathtaking backdrop to these 4x4 experiences.

Venue Perthshire near Perth

From £99.00


4x4 Off Road Scottish Borders

Our Off Roading In the Scottish Borders experience will see you driving a...

Venue Scottish Borders

From £130.00


4x4 Off Roading Oxfordshire

Enjoy some serious Off Roading in Oxfordshire! These half and full day...

Venue near Chipping Norton

From £135.00


4x4 Warwickshire

Explore an authentic adventurer’s motoring paradise when you go off...

Venue Warwick, Leamington Spa

From £135.00


Off Road in Wiltshire

If you're new to off road driving, these are great courses to 'have a go'...

Venue Near Chippenham

From £149.00


Off Road in North Yorkshire

Choose from a wide range of 4x4 experiences at this purpose built off road site.

Venue Near Thirsk

From £185.00


Off Road in Nottinghamshire

If Robin Hood was still around he'd have ditched the horse for a Land Rover and...

Venue Sherwood Forest

From £189.00


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