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When it comes to organising days out with the kids to keep them amused during the school holidays or as a special treat for their birthday, it's never easy to make the right choice. We've made it simple for you with a fab range for you to choose from. Some of the activities are kids only, whilst others can be done as a family, but in essence the idea is that your little ones get to enjoy rip-roaring day out just for them.

We've created an exciting selection of activities that kiddies will adore,  ranging from cowboy adventures, secret agent camps, falconry sessions for youngsters and loads more. And of course, all the instructors and tutors involved are expert leaders and fully qualified, keeping the children under their watchful eye for the duration of the day. Read more...

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Never be stuck for a great kids day out idea on this kids spy camp experience...

Venue Milton Keynes

Was £49.00 NOW £39.00

Cowboy day out for kids with Boston, Mihiara and friends at this wild west...

Venue New Forest

From £49.00

Sign up for the Hunger Games Camp and get ready for combat! If you're a fan of...

Venue Crowborough

From £59.00

Young aviators will love this kids' helicopter experience at Elstree Aerodrome,...

Venue Elstree Aerodrome

Was £98.00 NOW £49.00

Shotguns, air rifles and bows and arrows - this is the fun shooting day your...

Venue Bedfordshire

From £39.00

A superb kids day out doing all the things kids love doing best, fun games...

Venue Redhill, Surrey

From £65.00

Children’s archery is just the thing to get them aiming for gold! Up to...

Venue London Bridge

From £20.00

These children's falconry experiences allow youngsters to handle birds of prey...

Venue near Nuneaton

From £50.00

Can your youngster tell when a pony is happy? They will learn this and much...

Venue Stratford, London

From £55.00


This is the section of activities we have created just for kids. Whether they are action girls or action boys, love nature or are fans of the Hunger Games, we have a day out that will get them grinning from ear to ear. The great outdoors has never looked better to teens and and nippers than when it involves a bow and arrow, a bird of prey or perhaps a few targets to aim at.

Some of the experiences featured need little or no adaption from the adult equivalent, but what's nice about these sessions is that it will be all youngsters of around the same age, so they can all get involved together. Some of the things to do will simply amaze them. We find that most youngsters are initially a little bit apprehensive about meeting raptors, for example, but once they are standing there with the glove on and the bird lands to deftly and softly on their hand, the look on their faces of sheer joy is priceless.

It's also a case of proud parents here we come when you see your offspring hit the target for the very first time on an archery lesson. Centres have gear specially adapted for kids, so there will be lighter bows that are easier to handle, or air guns with little or no recoil. Of course, none of that detracts from the excitement of the session, after all, it's not every day they get to square up to a knock down target and blast a hole in it!

And one many parents will appreciate - our pony keeping experience. How many of us have been nagged and nagged until their angelic little faces turn blue when they think they want a pony? Well, with this ingenious course you can give your darlings a proper insight into what it'd really be like to have a horse - prefect for showing them just how responsible you have to be at a young age to be a rider and owner of a hoofed friend.

So whether your wee bairns want to hit the target, learn how to be a skilled spy like a young James Bond, handle an Eagle with aplomb or get the knack of being a baby-faced cowboy or cowgirl, we have got some absolutely fantastic options for days out with kids. What's more, for the parents, there's usually a nice cafe for you to relax in, whilst the kids burn off their excess energy during their activity.

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