Another New Year…another load of unkept resolutions

To celebrate the start of the new year and, indeed, the new decade, we promised we weren’t going to get ourselves into what our friends officially term as ‘pickles’. We also decided to work harder (already out of the window as it was a glorious powder day on the slopes so we snook out for a ski this morning!), we promised to exercise more (hence the morning of skiing!) and finally to eat more healthily, after scoffing pretty much our own bodyweight in Matchmaker chocolates over the festive break.

Only problem with the eating healthily bit is that we’re no Delia Smith in the kitchen. In fact, Jamie Oliver and his ‘down with chips’ campaign annoyed us, but Nigella Lawson with her calorific cakes is a goddess. So, we’ve decided a few cookery courses might be required to spruce up our kitchen life are in order.

Our number one choice has got to be sushi making lessons. We keep hearing how a fish-based Omega 3-filled diet is good for low cholesterol and stimulating the brain, so we reckon it’s about time we knew our maki rolls from our sashimi.  For just £85 you can learn all about sushi, what rice to use, how to handle those super-sharp sushi knives and you actually get to make a whole load of sushi too in this hands on workshop.

Another cookery lesson which caught our eye is the ‘Panic free entertaining’ class. Tis true that each time we invite our friends round for some food, we always have a back up pizza ready just in case the meal is a complete disaster, so a little more confidence with our cuisine would be very much welcomed.  These one day cookery courses in Edinburgh aim to really turn you into a domestic god or goddess, so we’ll see!

All we can say to all this homecooked healthiness is roll on Easter when we have another fine excuse to scoff lots of chocolate!

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