Best karting tracks in the UK

The Best Karting Tracks in the UK

Indoor, outdoor, floodlit, multilevel - what set up makes for the best karting tracks in the UK? We’ve powered our way around the chicanes and hairpins to bring you our guide to what makes for the best go karting tracks in the country - and you can drive at all of them! Are the best karting tracks indoor or outdoor? Indoor go karting tracks are great because they are generally located on the edge of big towns and cities, making them easily accessible for karters. And of course, it means rain doesn’t stop play, so you can book an indoor...

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Beware of Bumps! – The Ultimate Off Roading Guide

Who said the best driving experiences are limited to fast cars only? Ditch the exhaust and engine noise for a powerful and beastly-like 4x4 while you tackle all sorts of terrains on the best off roading destinations in the UK. But hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! What is off roading? As some of you may already know, the term “off roading” refers to the activity of riding your vehicle on different types of natural terrain and/or on unsurfaced roads. The most common tracks include off roading through dunes, muddy slopes, rocky trails, deep waters or...

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how to become a rally driver

How do you become a rally driver?

We take a look at just how you become a rally driver in the UK You’ve tried an IntotheBlue rally taster day and you’ve really got the bug, so how do you become a rally driver? If you want to start competing in rallies you’ll need a licence. Here’s how you go about getting a licence to become a rally driver in the UK. 1. Get your ‘GoRallying’ MSA licence pack Competitive motorsport in the UK is governed by the Motor Sports Association and that covers racing, rallying and karting. Go to the MSA website and buy the GoRallying MSA...

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Drive the new McLaren 650 and 570S with IntotheBlue!

It has to be said, we add new products on our website for you all the time, but this duo certainly caught our eye, made us look and made us stare. That’s because this is the first of our driving experience suppliers to offer the new McLaren 570 and 650 S supercars, so yes, here’s your first chance ever to drive these fab cars. New McLaren drives are here now! The McLaren 570S was launched at the New York Motor Show in 2015 and the first right hand drive versions where shipped to Britain in early 2016, so this car...

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Go, go, go it’s the start of the 2016 F1 season and we’re giving you 20% off!

To get you in gear for the start of the 2016 Formula Grand Prix season which speeds off from Melbourne on the 20th March, we are offering all petrolheads 20% off racing car, super car and track day experiences using the special promo code F1GO at checkout. The code will be valid until midnight on the 22nd March 2016 and can be used against qualifying driving experiences between £25 and £250. Get ready for the 2016 F1 season So what does the 67th FIA Formula 1 Grand Prix season have in store for us? Well, it’s now about 11 teams,...

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