What is a seabreacher

What is a Seabreacher – is it a plane, a boat…or a dolphin?

What is a Seabreacher? If you go down to Victoria Docks in central London, you could well meet the Seabreacher. The Seabreacher is like no other watercraft you’ll ever have seen. It looks like some kind of submarine, it moves in the water like a dolphin, it’s piloted like a plane - and thanks to IntotheBlue, you can ride in one! In essence, the Seabreacher is a semi-submersible vessel. But what makes it unlike any other boat, is the fact that it can power along he surface of the water and then dive below surface, plunging up to two metres...

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Fishing in the UK

Catch of the Day – Do You Need A Licence To Fish in the UK?

If you’re planning on fishing on public waters in the UK, you will need a licence to fish.

But before you head off to your local fishing tackle shop and a drop several hundred pounds on all the gear, it’s not just the fishing licence you need, there are a fair few rules and regulations you need to be aware of when you fish.

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Can you go whale watching in the UK?

Watery wonderlands: can you go whale watching in the UK?

Can you go whale watching in the UK? Yes you can! Forget going all the way to Florida to see whales in captivity doing tricks, this is all about seeing whales (and plenty of other marine life) in the seas. And it’s all happening around the incredibly scenic and wildlife-rich coastline of Scotland.

Here’s our guide to what you can see where in the UK when it comes whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and a whole lot more.

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