What is a blacksmith

What is a Blacksmith? IntotheBlue forges out the answers

What is a Blacksmith? A blacksmith is someone who works metal by hand, forging metal to make things. A Blacksmith who primarily works shoeing horses is called a Farrier. Now we've answered the what is a Blacksmith question, here are some more burning questions for you! Where does the name Blacksmith come from? The Black refers to the fact that heated iron turns black. The Smith part is less clear. It’s generally thought to refer to the action of striking, derived from words like the old English ‘smythe’  and ‘smite’, or perhaps the German ‘smithaz’, which means skilled worker. So how did...

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Crystal Clear – How Do You Make Stained Glass?

Warm sunlight filtering through the window, filling the room with beautiful colours and intricate shapes, while you stand there in awe. You guessed it, we are talking about stained glass windows! Many of you have might have already seen such an amazing sight before, especially the religious-sightseeing travelers, but for those who haven’t– no need to panic! We’ve put together a handy guide that outlines all you need to know about stained glass. [caption id="attachment_7193" align="aligncenter" width="750"] The Palace of Catalan Music in Barcelona has one of the greatest and most beautiful stained glass works in the world.[/caption] What is...

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how to be a photographer

How to become a photographer

How to become a photographer To celebrate World Photo Day on the 19th August 2017, we’re taking a snapshot look at how you can become a photographer. Looking at the different photography roles that exist, how to get into them and whether you can make a living from being a photographer. With the rise of digital photography, having the equipment to be able to take high quality pictures has become accessible to many. Does that mean we can all become professional photographers? Well, many train and work hard for a long time before making it as a photographer. The different...

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best new hobbies happy face

The best new hobbies to try before you commit!

Want to know the best new hobbies to try before you commit? If you fancy giving something new a go, but don’t want to have to buy expensive gear or pay up front for a whole term of lessons before you know you like it, we have the answer... Buy yourself an introductory experience in the hobby you’re interested in - no commitment, no hefty fees and no need to feel obliged to carry on if you don’t want to! We sell activity vouchers. These are generally one-off days out, experiences and activities that give you an introductory insight. But...

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