gourmet gifts & experiences at home

Gourmet experiences to enjoy without leaving your sofa!

When it comes to gourmet experiences, we’ve got every taste and budget covered. But if you want fab food and delicious drinks without having to move off your very comfy sofa, what do you do? We’re an experience day and activity company after all, so surely you need to get out and about to enjoy the best gourmet experiences? Well, think again… With our gourmet subscriptions, the tasty treats come to you! We’ve created a new section on our website that delivers the best in gourmet gift sets and boxes right to your door. Whether it’s a one-off gift package,...

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Different ways to serve your G&T

5 Ways to Serve Your G&T

Are you partial to a nice G&T? Here are five ways to serve your G&T that'll turn your usual gin and tonic tipple into a right Bobby Dazzler of a drink just by changing the tonics that you use. Gin at the ready? Here we go… - Lemon tonic A lemon-flavoured tonic served in your G&T gives it a really zingy zesty flavour. Any cocktail mixologist worth their salt will tell you Sicilian lemons are the best. Add lemon tonic to your favourite gin and finish off with a flourish, by adding a generous slice of lemon in the glass....

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The 10 quirkiest questions people ask Google about beer

The 15th June 2018 is Beer Day Britain, so to toast this hop-tastic of days, we’ve come up with a list of the 10 quirkiest questions people ask Google about beer. And yes, hard as it is to believe, these are actual popular searches that actual people have actually tapped into Google. Who’d have thought it. Sit back, crack open a nice cool beer and marvel at how peoples’ brains work… 1. Will beer explode in checked luggage? Taking beer on a plane is never going to be a great idea, especially when it’s in glass bottles. Of course, security...

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Whisky in a glass

Whisky lovers: do you know how long your whisky will keep?

Pour yourself a wee dram and find out how long your whisky will keep for! You've got a lovely bottle of whisky - but how long does whisky keep for? Does whisky go off once you’ve opened it? All these burning questions and more are answered in honour of whisky drinkers everywhere, whether you like it neat or on the rocks. How long will whisky keep unopened? Forever! If you conserve the bottle correctly, it will keep. It’s worth noting that, unlike wine, once bottled, whisky doesn’t mature with age. So, as the Scotch Whisky Association says: ‘Even if you...

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meat pies

Who ate all the pies? Why Brits love meat pies

National Pie Week 2018 got us thinking about pies. Whether you’re partial to a Pork Pie, a Scotch Egg or a good old Steak Pie, us Brits love our meat pies. The aim of National Pie Week is to promote all that pastry goodness and get us eating all the pies! Traditional pie 'n' mash The humble meat pie has been a staple of Britishness for decades. Who hasn’t been to a chip shop and plumped for a slightly soggy-bottomed, but somehow still tempting, Pukka Pie? Made in Leicestershire, this family-run company churns out over 180,000 pies a day. And...

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