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Gourmet experiences to enjoy without leaving your sofa!

When it comes to gourmet experiences, we’ve got every taste and budget covered. But if you want fab food and delicious drinks without having to move off your very comfy sofa, what do you do? We’re an experience day and activity company after all, so surely you need to get out and about to enjoy the best gourmet experiences? Well, think again…

With our gourmet subscriptions, the tasty treats come to you! We’ve created a new section on our website that delivers the best in gourmet gift sets and boxes right to your door. Whether it’s a one-off gift package, or an on-going subscription, fabulous foodie feasts by post are the way to go.

Chocolatey gourmet gifts for those with a sweet tooth

Our chocolate making party kit is perfect if you have a sweet tooth. Everything you need to have lots of chocolatey fun creating and decorating handmade chocolates is inside the box. So prepare for cocoa fun. Invite your friends round to yours, roll your sleeves up and get stuck in!

brownies by post

Freshly baked chocolate brownies by post. A truly delicious gourmet experience at home!

There’s even less effort involved with our Brownies by Post delivery service. Receive the squidgiest brownies ever to pass your lips – and you only have to go as far as your doormat for them. What’s more, your brownies are freshly baked and come with a personalised message too. Yum. Similarly, joining the Hotel Chocolate tasting club means you’ll be wooed with monthly chocolates to scoff. Double yum.

Wine, cocktails and beer – gourmet drinks experiences at home

If you’re partial to a bit of a tipple after a long hard day at work, we think you’ll love our range of gourmet wine and liqueur experiences to enjoy home. Imagine getting in to find your beautifully designed cocktail club box. Inside are all the ingredients you need (from the spirits and mixers, right down to the fresh lime) to rustle up something like a refreshing gin cocktail. Lovely!

Cocktail club

Enjoy a gourmet cocktail experience when you join the cocktail club!

Maybe vino is more your thing? In that case, join the wine tasting club. Full-sized bottles of hand-selected wines from smaller, independent producers delivered to where’s convenient for you in handy carry boxes. Forget scouring the aisles of the supermarket, you won’t find these vintages there. This wine subscription is all about those vineyards producing wines in smaller quantities.

And here’s one for beer drinkers. Brew your own ale at home with these brilliant and easy-to-use home brew kits. It’s dead simple to use, as you brew the beer in its own keg. You need no specialist knowledge or equipment and within days you’ll be pouring your first home-brewed pint.

Cook up a gourmet curry with no experience needed!

You don’t need any swish skills for our spice box subscriptions either. You’ll be whipping up the best spicy dishes ever thanks to these ingenious curry gift sets. Every month you get all the spices and herbs you need to create tasty curry pastes and sauces. It’s all measured out for you and comes with recipe cards to take you step by step through the process of making gourmet curries from scratch, with no experience necessary!

Spices gourmet experiences

The best spiced up gourmet experiences in your own home with our Spice Boxes

So, whether you’re a choc fan, love your drinkies, or want to spice up your Friday night with a homemade curry, this latest range of gourmet gifts and subscriptions means you can experience all the deliciousness from the comfort of your own home. Tempted? Buy your gourmet gift online in just a few clicks. Treat yourself or buy one as a great gift for a loved one.

Different ways to serve your G&T

5 Ways to Serve Your G&T

Are you partial to a nice G&T? Here are five ways to serve your G&T that’ll turn your usual gin and tonic tipple into a right Bobby Dazzler of a drink just by changing the tonics that you use.

Gin at the ready? Here we go…

– Lemon tonic

A lemon-flavoured tonic served in your G&T gives it a really zingy zesty flavour. Any cocktail mixologist worth their salt will tell you Sicilian lemons are the best. Add lemon tonic to your favourite gin and finish off with a flourish, by adding a generous slice of lemon in the glass.

– Elderflower tonic

The distinctive floral flavour of elderflower works really well with gin and makes for a nice twist to the usual gin with Indian tonic. Add a slice of lime to balance the flora botanicals of the elderflower tonic and the juniper in the gin and you’ve got a delicious drink.


Delightful floral flavours when you serve your gin with an elderflower tonic

– Cucumber tonic

Containing fewer calories than your usual tonic waters, cucumber flavoured tonics give a delicate and fresh flavour to your gin drink. Perfect on long, hot summer days as an aperitif in the garden whilst you’re waiting for the BBQ to heat up.

– Herb tonics

Buy a tonic water pre-infused with herbs, or make your own syrup by adding fresh leaves to sugared water. Rosemary is a favourite (perhaps because juniper berries used in gin also impart a slight rosemary flavour) and thyme works well too. You might not think it, but basil is also a really good accompaniment for gin.

rosemary gin

Rosemary is a just one herb that goes really well with gin.

– Spicy tonics

Something like Fever Tree’s Aromatic Tonic Water is the ideal mixer for pink gin. The tonic water contains South American Angostura bark, which gives the mixer a gentle bitterness. Add to that flavours like cardamon, pimento beans and ginger and you’ve got a racy little pink G&T!

Learn more about serving your G&Ts

Using different tonics with different gins makes for a different G&T with every combination. We’ve given you just five suggestions of ways to spice up your standard gin, but there are lots more. If you’re keen to discover more ways of serving different gins with different tonics, book in to Dr Hardwicke’s Gin Emporium in the West Midlands for a G&T workshop, with mixing and tasting galore.

Gin emporium ways to serve your G&T

Liked this blog? Learn loads more ways to serve your G&T at Dr Hardwicke’s Gin Emporium


The 10 quirkiest questions people ask Google about beer

The 15th June 2018 is Beer Day Britain, so to toast this hop-tastic of days, we’ve come up with a list of the 10 quirkiest questions people ask Google about beer. And yes, hard as it is to believe, these are actual popular searches that actual people have actually tapped into Google. Who’d have thought it. Sit back, crack open a nice cool beer and marvel at how peoples’ brains work…

1. Will beer explode in checked luggage?

Taking beer on a plane is never going to be a great idea, especially when it’s in glass bottles. Of course, security rules mean it’s tricky to take beer with you on the plane in the cabin. As for putting beers in your checked in suitcase, it can be done and normally they won’t explode, as the hold is pressurised (but not usually heated), but we wouldn’t recommend it. And you’ll have to wrap them up well to avoid them being broken!

2. Will beer kills plants?

Some say yes, beer does kill plants as the yeast in it encourages fungi to grow. Other say no, pouring a bit of flat beer into your plant pot will actually help plants grow, as it kills pests and fungi. We can only say you’ll have to try it and see for yourself, but we’re not convinced either way.

beer pong

Is there any student in the world who hasn’t played Beer Pong? Google still doesn’t really know who invented it though!

3. Who invented beer pong?

The college and university students’ game of choice in halls and residences around the world. We have no idea who invented beer pong and neither does anyone else (even Google!). One thing we know is that, as long as beer exists, the tradition of drinking games will probably never go away.

4. Will beer help constipation?

Yes, in theory! Beer is made from things like barley, which is a source of fibre and it’s fibre that…erm…gets things moving in your digestive tract. In it’s soluble form, the fibre in beer might only be 0,75g per bottle, so you’re still better off drinking prune juice for your bowel movements. Sorry if you’re having your tea whilst reading this.

5. Can beer get you drunk?

Surely this is obvious? The more beer you drink, the more wobbly you’ll feel and that means you are drunk. It’s really not rocket science is it? Why would anyone need to Google if beer gets you drunk? Or are we missing something?

6. Why beer belly

‘Why beer belly’ what? What’s the thinking here? Typing this into Google sounds like the cry of frustrated guys with ‘Dad bods’ wanting to find magical solutions to the fact that the six-pack of their youth has tuned into the paunch of middle age. Unfortunately there isn’t one!

beer can

You asked Google if beer cans are lined with plastic…they are and here’s why.

7. Are beer cans lined with plastic?

Now this is a actually a very valid question. When we looked into whether beer cans were lined with plastic, it seems they are. Using tins rather than bottles better protects the beer from sunlight and being smashed, as well as being lighter. Problem is, a polymer coating called Bisphenol A (BPA) is used to line the cans in order to avoid a ’tinny’ taste to the beer. And many believe this material is pretty toxic, despite assurances by both the UK and European Food Standards agencies.

8. Why beer is better than wine

When it comes to deciding if beer is better than wine, it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other, as our Mum would say. Are you talking about taste, price, tipsiness or hangover? So many variables, so let’s just live and let live with both wine and beer!

9. How beer goggles work

This one made us laugh out loud. It’s pretty easy to get your very own pair of beer goggles and contrary to popular belief there are both men’s and women’s models available. Simply consume excess beer and suddenly they’ll appear. At this moment it’s best to hop in a taxi (or your Shandy Scooter) and make your way home before there’s trouble.


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10. Why beer is better than men

Cue lots of quips about it being a whole lot easier to find a good beer than a good man, the fact that beer doesn’t leave the toilet seat up or snore and you get the idea of what Google thinks about this question!

So there you have it. The 10 quirkiest questions Google has been asked about beer. We think it’s time to stop typing odd stuff about beer into your search engine and learn something useful about beer instead. How about a visit to a brewery? We’re sure they won’t mind if you ask whether plants like their beer…

beer questions on a brewery visit

Book yourself in for a brewery visit and you can ask an expert brewer all your beer questions!