Get to grips with these four wheel drive quads

Quad bikes all look pretty much the same to us – they’re versatile and agile little All Terrain Vehicles that are great fun to ride around the countryside on, testing your skills with a few banked turns, steep drops and water splashes on the way. But, we’ve just discovered that most quads are actually two-wheel drive. Of course, they’re still great fun, but if you want to be hitting the big stuff off road, you’ll be needing a four-wheel drive quad.

That’s just what is on offer from our new quad biking supplier near Dover not far from the south coast of Kent. Little wonder then that the 80 acres of off road fun to be had on your quad includes some of the most serious terrain on offer! Don’t worry if you’ve never engaged in quad biking before as the expert instructors will tailor the trail to suit your riding skills. If you really get on well with your trusty 4wd quad, you might well find yourself negotiating the steep and narrow trails in the disused chalk quarry – all totally exciting stuff!

Of course, you’re not just given a quad bike and told to get on with it. The session starts with a half hour safety briefing so you can get used to the controls. Then, with the instructor leading, you’ll head off across open fields so you can get to grips with your 4wd quad, then you’ll head into the forest trails, tackle the manmade and natural obstacles in the technical section all before (hopefully) heading to the chalk pit.

The 4wd quad biking trail lasts three hours and offers great value for money at £99 per person, £190 for two or £92 per person for groups of between three and six people.

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