Kids cookery lessons fun

Kids cookery lessons – kitchen disaster or culinary delight?

Is it a good idea for your children to do kids cookery lessons? Cooking and baking are great rainy-day activities at home, but before you start kneading and mixing, there are some useful lessons to remember when it comes to kids cooking. We’ve got the lowdown on little ones being in the kitchen. - Prepare your kitchen by moving dangerous items like knives and gadgets out of arm's reach - Make sure you’ve got a sturdy set of steps if your little baker is too small to comfortably work at the worktop. No sitting on the work surfaces or standing on...

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how to get kids to read

How to get kids to read – our top tips

Just how do you get kids to read? So you're keen to know how to get kids to read. Encouraging little ones to put down the game controller or the remote control to sit and read a book is tricky, but we’ve come up with a list of tips to show you how to get kids to read, easily and painlessly! Our 10 top tips for how to get kids to read - and enjoy it!: - Read together from an early age It’s never to young to start reading stories to your little ones. There have been lots of...

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Broad stairs beach - the best of Mother Nature for free

Mother Nature’s finest – the best free days out for kids

So you’re looking for the best free days out with the kids for free? Then look no further than good old Mother Nature and the great outdoors. The kids are off school and it’s all too easy to head to your nearest theme park and spend a small fortune on just a single day out, when there are over six weeks to get through (argh!). We live on and island that’s rich with stunning scenery all around, so here are some suggestions to inspire you to make the most of all that Mother Nature provides, with free days out and...

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Did you know kids can drive supercars too?

[caption id="attachment_1362" align="alignright" width="250"] You teen could be driving one of these fab Italian supercars - the Lamborghini Gallardo or Murcielago[/caption] These experiences never cease to amaze us. As long as they're over 4'10" (that's 148cm) and aged between 12 and 16, your little car-mad darlings can actually get behind the wheel of some VERY expensive tin-wear driving supercars around the track. We love the fact that there's no need to have a driving license, as all driving is done on private race tracks. We also love the fact that their first driving experience could be in a seriously cool...

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