what is caving

What is caving? Go caving in the UK

What is caving, potholing or spelunking? It’s essentially the same thing - the exploration of underground caves and caverns. And what you might think would be a dark and dank uninhabitable world, can actually be full of natural geological wonders. But caving isn’t for everyone. Here’s our guide to give you an overview of what caving is all about. What is caving like? There are many different types of caves to explore. Some are manmade (having been mined for whatever reason), some are naturally occurring. Some you can literally just walk into and look around and they are open to...

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kayak or canoeing

What’s the difference between canoeing and kayaking?

Is it a kayak or a canoe? Both use paddles and both get you up and down the water, but just what is the difference between canoeing and kayaking? We take a look at the great canoe vs kayak debate... Tell us simply what the difference is between canoeing and kayaking The quick answer is that the paddle and the position of the paddler marks the difference between canoeing and kayaking. Go on then, tell us more… Well, in a canoe the paddler is kneeling or sitting on a bench and the paddle is single bladed. In a kayak the paddler...

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Battle Archery - what is it?

What is Battle Archery? IntotheBlue investigates this on-target experience!

So what is Battle Archery all about then? We can tell you that Battle Archery, which is a bit like a cross between paintballing and archery, is brilliant fun. Here’s all you need to know about Battle Archery: What actually is Battle Archery? Invented in the US of A, Battle Archery is also known as Tag Archery. Either way the idea is the same. You have a special bow that fires foam-tipped arrows and it’s played as a team game in an outdoor field or arena. [caption id="attachment_6027" align="aligncenter" width="750"] What is Battle Archery? It's a mix of paintball and...

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Game, Set and Match – it’s Wimbledon 2015!

You know summer has definitely arrived when we start talking about Wimbledon. In the past, the pre-Championship chatter has always been along the lines of whether Britain's 77 year wait for a Men's Singles Champion will be over - but Murray already had that one covered in 2013, so in the build-up to Wimbledon 2015 starting on the 29th June , we thought we'd entertain you with some fascinating, if slightly useless, facts and anecdotes about the All England Lawn Tennis Club's most prestigious event. Form an orderly queue for tickets: As you might expect, advance tickets for the tennis...

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New from Wembley Stadium : One, two, three..bungee!

We reckon you've got to be just a little bit mad to want to do a bungee jump in the first place, but to throw yourself off a crane in front Wembley Stadium really is taking this bungee jumping malarky to the next level, but it seems you adrenaline fiends just can't get enough of this new bungee venue. [caption id="attachment_1394" align="alignleft" width="250"] Your chance to bungee jump in front of Wembley Stadium - if you dare![/caption] Since (finally) opening in 2007, the Norman Foster designed stadium has won over the nation. One for the pub quiz factfile, George Michael...

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