Quirky Experience Gifts For Her

‘Wow! I love it!' Looking for extraordinary gift ideas for her at an ordinary price? Here is our pick of quirky experience day ideas that she'll love, which are great value for money and fun too. As Luther Vandross put it: 'the best things in life are free' and with Into The Blue, that's almost true. Okay, they're not quite free, but she's bound to love these days out with a difference. What's more, you can join in on many of these experiences as they are for two! Adorable adopt an animal gifts for her Whether you have eight cats, seven...

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heritage railways UK

Heritage Railways in the UK

In the UK, we love our Heritage Railways. A day out riding on vintage steam trains appeals to all ages and all generations. But what are heritage railways and why do they exist? We give you the answers and list the most interesting heritage railway companies in the UK

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Holiday Helpline: How To Survive A Long Road Trip With Kids

Road trips. Two of the most fear-inducing words that any parent in the world could hear. Even the best parents out there will shrink with fear and suffer from terrific nightmares when it comes to spending their holidays on a long road trip with kids. For all of you parents who are about to go full “Abandon all hope ye who enter here”, we have put together a handy guide with the best tips to deal with your kids on a car trip. No, no duck tape involved, as tempting as that sounds for some of you! Talk to your kids...

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Passport control queues

Beating Passport Queues For a Stress Free Holiday

Forget talking about the weather, discussions this summer have been all about passport queues. Travellers have been reporting lengthy queues at passport control at airports around Europe. Some passengers have queued for several hours to be cleared, meaning missed flights, frayed nerves and knock-on delays for onward travel too. We take a look at why passport queues are happening and what you can do to avoid them. So why are there more passport queues at border controls now than before? There are several reasons. Firstly, responding to requests from member countries, the European Commission has increased security checks at airports...

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Clock on a wall

Celebrating 80 years of the Speaking Clock in 2016 – We speak to the fourth Clock!

At the third stroke on the 24th July 2016, the Speaking Clock will be 80 years old precisely! Launched in 1936, the recorded time announcement service from British Telecom still tells us the time over the ‘phone over today, with around 13million calls a year being made, despite us having the time right in front of our eyes most of the day and night with smart phones, watches and computers. It's time to celebrate 80 years of the Speaking Clock But just who are the people behind those iconic voices? Being curious types that we are, we decided to find...

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