fine weather fishing

What’s the best weather for fishing? Rain or shine, windy or overcast?

You’re itching to get out to your fave spot on the banks of the river, but what’s the best weather for fishing? It seems our scaly friends are highly attuned to changes in the weather, so whether you go angling in the rain or in the heat of the midday sun can affect your likelihood of bringing home the fish for supper. Here’s our quick guide to the best weather for fishing in. Fishing when raining: You might not be up for sitting in waterproofs on a soggy river bank, but during and just after the rain there are lots...

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The 10 quirkiest questions people ask Google about beer

The 15th June 2018 is Beer Day Britain, so to toast this hop-tastic of days, we’ve come up with a list of the 10 quirkiest questions people ask Google about beer. And yes, hard as it is to believe, these are actual popular searches that actual people have actually tapped into Google. Who’d have thought it. Sit back, crack open a nice cool beer and marvel at how peoples’ brains work… 1. Will beer explode in checked luggage? Taking beer on a plane is never going to be a great idea, especially when it’s in glass bottles. Of course, security...

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celebrating fathers day

Now THIS is why we love celebrating Father’s Day!

It’s worth celebrating Father’s Day when you’ve got gifts this good to give him! We’ve put together a list of our eight favourite Father’s Day experiences. It includes perennial best sellers, activities that are new to the books and even one that makes an old gift favourite cool again. Read on to see how you can celebrate Father’s Day with IntotheBlue. iFLY Father’s Day offer You love a bargain as much as we do, so when the team at iFLY told us we could do a 2 for 1 offer for Father’s Day, we jumped at it! Take Dad for...

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Whisky in a glass

Whisky lovers: do you know how long your whisky will keep?

Pour yourself a wee dram and find out how long your whisky will keep for! You've got a lovely bottle of whisky - but how long does whisky keep for? Does whisky go off once you’ve opened it? All these burning questions and more are answered in honour of whisky drinkers everywhere, whether you like it neat or on the rocks. How long will whisky keep unopened? Forever! If you conserve the bottle correctly, it will keep. It’s worth noting that, unlike wine, once bottled, whisky doesn’t mature with age. So, as the Scotch Whisky Association says: ‘Even if you...

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Best karting tracks in the UK

The Best Karting Tracks in the UK

Indoor, outdoor, floodlit, multilevel - what set up makes for the best karting tracks in the UK? We’ve powered our way around the chicanes and hairpins to bring you our guide to what makes for the best go karting tracks in the country - and you can drive at all of them! Are the best karting tracks indoor or outdoor? Indoor go karting tracks are great because they are generally located on the edge of big towns and cities, making them easily accessible for karters. And of course, it means rain doesn’t stop play, so you can book an indoor...

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