What is a seabreacher

What is a Seabreacher – is it a plane, a boat…or a dolphin?

What is a Seabreacher? If you go down to Victoria Docks in central London, you could well meet the Seabreacher. The Seabreacher is like no other watercraft you’ll ever have seen. It looks like some kind of submarine, it moves in the water like a dolphin, it’s piloted like a plane - and thanks to IntotheBlue, you can ride in one! In essence, the Seabreacher is a semi-submersible vessel. But what makes it unlike any other boat, is the fact that it can power along he surface of the water and then dive below surface, plunging up to two metres...

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fund raiser sponsored event

What are the best sponsored activities for charity?

If you want to raise money for a good cause what sponsored activities make the best fundraisers? Many of our customers buy vouchers for activities they’re going to do for charity. The ones that work best are the activities that are a real daredevil challenge, or something a bit out of the ordinary. Here’s our lowdown on the most popular sponsored activities that you can buy as a voucher from IntotheBlue, to then get people to sponsor you to raise money for that charity that’s close to your heart. [caption id="attachment_7904" align="aligncenter" width="751"] Our flyaway favourite sponsored activity is Wing...

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Spitfire RAF anniversary

Happy 100th Birthday to the RAF – Spitfires at Biggin

A trio of warbirds flew again over Biggin Hill this Easter Sunday, exactly 100 years to the day after the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service combined to form the Royal Air Force. It was an emotional day at the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar, where IntotheBlue is also based, as Squadron Leader Allan Scott, 96, took the skies again in his 'beloved Spitfire'. Dressed and ready to go in his flying suit and RAF Benevolent Fund t-shirt, Allan said: ‘The Spitfire feels like an overcoat and that’s the best bit. It’s part of you. It’s a beautiful aircraft’....

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RAF100 Spitfires at Biggin Hill

Saluting RAF100 – Spitfires at Biggin Hill

Saluting RAF100. Don’t be surprised if you hear the glorious sound of Merlin engines filling the skies above Biggin Hill Airport on Sunday 1st April 2018. This is the day the Royal Air Force turns 100 years old. The RAF Benevolent Fund along with the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar, will be hosting its own private memorial event at the airport. Formation flying WW2 classics in the skies above Biggin A trio of Spitfires will be flying formation at Biggin Hill on the 1st April. Leading will be Spitfire TR9 MJ627, which regularly operates two seater Spitfire flights out of historic...

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meat pies

Who ate all the pies? Why Brits love meat pies

National Pie Week 2018 got us thinking about pies. Whether you’re partial to a Pork Pie, a Scotch Egg or a good old Steak Pie, us Brits love our meat pies. The aim of National Pie Week is to promote all that pastry goodness and get us eating all the pies! Traditional pie 'n' mash The humble meat pie has been a staple of Britishness for decades. Who hasn’t been to a chip shop and plumped for a slightly soggy-bottomed, but somehow still tempting, Pukka Pie? Made in Leicestershire, this family-run company churns out over 180,000 pies a day. And...

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