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What makes the Tiger Moth such a special plane?

The de Havilland Tiger Moth is a much-loved vintage biplane. But why are our Tiger Moth flights so popular ? We take a look at why we all love the Tiger Moth and what makes it such a special aeroplane in aviation history.

A biplane steeped in history

Of all the planes to fly in, why do so many aviation fans dream of a flight in a Tiger Moth? The answer is simple. The Tiger Moth has so much history, that this plucky bi-plane holds a big place in every aviator’s heart.

Having served as the main RAF trainer plane from 1932 to 1959, many, many young RAF pilots started their careers in the Moth (including Jock Maitland, our boss Jim’s father), before flying Harvards and Spitfires, often in battle.

Amongst budding young pilots, the Tiger Moth had a reputation for being easy to fly, but difficult to fly well. And she certainly has her quirks (there are no brakes and no tailwheel for starters!).

But enough of our eulogising. Let’s hand over to one of our leading Tiger Moth flight experience operators, RAF pilot Chris Thompson, who explains why the Tiger Moth is so popular – and explains some of those quirks of the aircraft too.

Take it away Chris in his Tiger Moth at Bicester Heritage

A Tiger Moth pilot tells us why he loves the Tiger Moth!

Tiger Moth love 💕 – anyone can fly in one!

If you know a flying fan who would love a flight in a Tiger Moth (and who wouldn’t!) browse our full range of vintage Tiger Moth flights at airfields near you!

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