Billingsgate Fish Market London

Billingsgate Fish Market – Our definitive guide for visitors

Whether you love eating fish, or just want to see a slice of the ‘real’ East End market trader lifestyle, nothing can beat a visit to Billingsgate Fish Market in London.

Billingsgate is a wholesale fish market for fishmongers, restaurant owners and the like, but it is actually open to the public. If it’s your first time it can perhaps be a little daunting if you don’t know the ins and outs, so here’s our definitive guide to visiting Billingsgate Fish Market.

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English vineyards

Grape Expectations: Is English wine any good?

Is English wine any good these days? Let's crack open a bottle and take a look at the English wine industry... Is there really such a thing as English wine? Oh yes there definitely is! English wine is bubbling with confidence right now. In the last 10 years, the English and Welsh wine industry has grown +135%. According to the Wine Standards Branch of the Government’s Food Standards Agency, the body that governs wine making in this country and compiles the UK Vineyard Registry, there were 502 commercial vineyards in England and Wales in 2015, 133 of which produced their...

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Bread, Bladerunner and Gladiators

So there we were just adding a new promo deal for our London bread making classes to our website (down from £99 to £39 - bargain!), when we started getting all nostalgic about that famous Hovis advert. You know, the one with the young boy who trudges up the steep hill with his bicycle to deliver the bread? Here's a reminder for you.. After watching it again and loving that countryside scene from a bygone age accompanied by that atmospheric music (World Symphony by Dvorak), it was no surprise to learn that this rather quaint commercial was voted Britain's all...

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Experience the Gift of Feasting in Game of Thrones

"The infamous “Red Wedding”, with jellied calf-brains and stringy beef on the menu." The new series of Game of Thrones is here. Season 4 based on the second half of “A Storm of Swords”, the third book in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series by George R. R. Martin. started in April. The last season finished in June 2013, and left loyal fans in a state of complete shock. There were brutal battles, political turmoil, massacres, family alliances were threatened, and dark magic is about. But amongst all these intrigues, some fans will want other questions answered..... “….....

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Disco time on the Thames!

[caption id="attachment_2712" align="alignright" width="250"] See London by night on these River Thames disco cruises[/caption] If you're planning a night out in London, you should think about indulging in a little river cruise and disco combined with our new Thames Disco Cruise events! Heading out to a restaurant with friends is all very nice, but if you fancy doing something different, these river disco cruises are just the ticket. You head off from Westminster pier at either 19:00 or 20:00 and you'll cruise along the Thames on a this small double-deck vessel that can host up to 120 people. The lower...

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