How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse – By IntoTheBlue

Shaun of the Dead, Resident Evil, World War Z, Dawn of The Dead… When it comes to our brain-eating friends, you’re the absolute expert amongst your friends.  But have you ever stopped and think what would you actually do if a real zombie apocalypse kicks in? Buckle up, everyone! Here are our best survival tips in case of an undead invasion!

zombie walking

Who will be the first “lucky one” to get infected?

Realise the world it’s (most likely) over and proceed to freak out

First things first, it’s time to panic. No, we’re not joking. The world as you know it has, most likely, changed forever. “Hear ye, hear ye, the end is night”, “we are all doomed” and similar. Nobody would have any idea of what’s going on and neither will you. So, might as well get the panic attack out of the way at the beginning, right?

Now calm down and devise a plan

Alright, time’s up! Now that you’re done screaming around and praying to the god of your choice, it’s time to take a chill pill, focus and figure out a way to get out of this one alive – with all limbs intact, if possible. The key to survival is to have a proper plan and stick to it and that means figuring out transport, where to go, who to go with, among other things. Pen and paper, everyone!

the rule of 3 survival

Did you know you can’t survive more than 3 days without water?

Supplies, supplies everywhere!

We’ve all seen it: hundreds of people invading the supermarket, looking for enough water and food in case Storm Brian gets a little bit windier than usual (and it never does…). Well, for this once, everyone gets a free pass. Stock up on everything you can, but remember that water is the most important supply! You can survive up to 3 weeks without food, but if you don’t have water, you can only survive for 2-3 days. Medicines are also up there on the priority list.

Armed to the teeth

Whether zombies would be similar to their brain-eating siblings from the movies or just frenzied, uncontrollable undead people, the truth is that they will try to attack you and you’ll have to defend yourself. All that’s left is to take your pick at a weapon at your choice, although we strongly recommend you getting a ranged weapon. Who would want to be close enough to get a lethal zombie hug, anyway?

zombie apocalypse

Can we interest you in a spooky double floor house specifically designed for zombie attacks?

Flee to the countryside

If you live in a medium or large size town, there’s a higher chance to get attacked and infected, so seeking refuge in the countryside is a better idea than staying in the city. Unless you’re a zombie already, which means you’re going to have the time of your life, it’s like having a brain-walking farm just for yourself! Also, friendly advice: if you’re planning to drive away, make sure you have enough fuel to last for a few days.

Search for other survivors!

Assuming you already have your family with you and everyone is safe, it would be a good idea to try and find other survivors nearby. Keep an eye out for any news on your phone or general broadcasts that could help you find a better shelter refuge, with more survivors, better defended, etc. When the zombie apocalypse comes, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives!

zombie apocalypse

Who said all those survival videos you watched on Youtube wouldn’t be of help one day?

Step up your survival skills

Remember all those episodes you’ve watched of Bear Grills trying to survive in the middle of nowhere? Now is time to step up those survival skills because you’re going to need them. Knowing how to start a fire, which wild berries to eat or how to hunt will be extremely important in case electricity doesn’t work anymore or food is starting to be a bit scarce. Before that happens, be sure to have a couple tricks up your sleeve.

Scientists will be your new best friends

No, seriously. If there is someone who will figure out how to defeat the walking undead that’ll probably be scientists. Wondering why? Well, not only their knowledge would be way superior to us, they’re already been studying what would actually happen in case of a zombie apocalypse, which according to some, it’s a very real possibility. “Keep your friends close, but keep your scientists closer”.

zombie apocalypse

Bad decisions 101: Don’t listen to obvious signs…

Don’t make stupid decisions…

Although it seems our government has already put a plan together in case of an undead army raising from the ground, you’ll still need to be very cautious about what you do or don’t. Forget about going full heroic, running into a hundred zombies with a couple of grenades and loaded guns, being reckless won’t get you very far here!

In case of doubt… RUN!

Trust your instincts: if something smells fishy (or rotten), run away. No one is going to give you extra cookies for the amount of zombies you defeat. But if you’re as lazy as us we recommend you going to a nice pub, get a cold pint and wait for all of this to blow over.

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