Who will win Strictly Come Dancing

Who Will Win Strictly? – IntotheBlue investigates

Do you think you know who will win Strictly? We've watched them dance at Blackpool and we’re over half way through and everyone is asking who will win Strictly this year. As expert and highly dedicated Strictly Come Dancing viewers, we’ve decided to put of necks on the line and say…Gemma Atkinson to win! Why should Gemma win Strictly 2017, we hear you say? Well, she’s one of the few who hasn’t got a dance training background and you can really see how she’s improved week by week. Regardless of whether the rumours of romance between her and pro dancer...

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become a jockey

How Do You Become a Jockey in the UK?

Cheltenham, Derby, The Grand National, Royal Ascot… The thrilling, heart-stopping world of horse racing is something that we British people love to talk about – and no one can beat us when it comes to choose horse names! But what about the jockeys? Today we will be focusing our attention to the world of these weightless powerful riders and how do you become a jockey in the UK. Hope you’re ready for a fast lap!

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Can you ride a Segway on the road?

Can you ride a Segway on the road? No, you can’t ride a Segway on the road in the UK.  That’s the simple answer. With the rise in popularity of personal transporters like Segways, the Department for Transport published guidelines in December 2015 to cover all powered transporters. In this DfT Powered Transporters document, it clearly states that devices such as Segways, Hoverboards, GoPeds and so on, are classed as motor vehicles in the United Kingdom and therefore the appropriate law applies. Can you ride Segways on the pavement in the UK then? No! Just like cars, bicycles and mopeds, personal...

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lindy hop

What is Lindy Hop and Why is Everyone In Love With It?

If there’s a word we would use to define Lindy Hop, that would be “FUN”. The only proof we need is a quick search on Youtube. Smiles, euphoria and good vibes fill the dance floors when the upbeat jazz melodies blast through the speakers. But what is Lindy Hop and why is it getting so popular these days? We’re about to tell you all about it!

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How Much Do Singing Lessons Cost?

Last week we posted a blog about the different ways you can become a singer, and covered the aspect that singing lessons plays in training the voice. Since then, we’ve had numerous people ask us this question: “how much are singing lessons” exactly? Always striving to answer our customer queries in detail, we’ve put together a guide on the cost of signing lessons. So, grab pen and paper, we’re about to tell you everything you need to know!

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