Our new e-commerce solution is here!

Our all singing, all dancing new checkout pages at Intotheblue.co.uk

Our all singing, all dancing new checkout pages at Intotheblue.co.uk

If you’re a seasoned Into the Blue client, you might well have noticed that our checkout and payment procedures have recently changed. Now, when you buy a voucher from Intotheblue.co.uk, you have just three steps in the one basket page before you head directly to the payment page – quicker, easier and clearer.

These changes came about because we listened to what you had to say about our website. You told us that you found the checkout process too long, some said it wasn’t easy to enter a different delivery address to the billing address and others said they couldn’t get their credit card to be accepted.

That’s where Datacash came in. In the run up to the Christmas rush, we wanted to resolve these issues and make sure we were offering the best possible customer service, so we approached Datacash and asked them for a bespoke payment processing solution that was efficient, great value and delivered in less than a month (no pressure then eh?!).

Instead of looking at us gone out, the team of clever people at this London-based payment gateway solution company got on with the job and sure enough, the new solution was in place before the festive shopping season.

As well as being more convenient for you, the end user, here in the office we’ve noticed the system is now a lot more robust, reliable and, most important of all, can handle busy shopping periods with aplomb. So you can flock to the intotheblue.co.uk website in your hundreds of thousands and we won’t have any annoying technical ‘glitches’ that mean you can’t finish your purchase.

All of this is a huge step forward for us, especially when you think the business first started in the 90s with people ordering vouchers by posting a form back to us. After that the majority of our clients ordered over the ‘phone having browsed our catalogue. Since 2000, it’s been all about the website with online shopping. And now we’ve got a top notch payment solution with room to grow, the ecommerce and marketing team is plotting the next move – a mobile shopping platform – so watch this space!

Of course, if you just come to us to buy a voucher the chances are you won’t think twice about the basket or payment pages and that’s the whole point really, if it all goes smoothly you won’t even bat an eyelid – and that’s just the way we like it.

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