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Windsurfing Experience Days Across the UK

Go windsurfing! Boards at the ready, it's time to catch the breeze. Before you go solo out on the water, some windsurfing lessons are in order. We've teamed up with fully accredited wind surfing schools to make sure you get off to the best start. Windsurfing lessons FAQs...

windsurf brighton

Windsurfing Brighton

Hove Waterfront, near Brighton

From £135.00

Windsurfing Brighton
  • Head to Hover waterfront for windsurfing lessons
  • Excellent coaching at the lagoon-based school
  • A taster sessions give you a half day on the water
  • Learn to windsurf with 2 sessions over a weekend
discover windsurfing

Windsurfing Taster Milton Keynes

Willen Lakes, Milton Keynes

Buy For £29.00

Windsurfing Taster Milton Keynes
  • Windsurfing taster sessions in Milton Keynes
  • All the gear & tuition included
  • Experiences last 1.5 hours
  • Takes place on Willen Lake
rya windsurfing course

RYA Level 1 Windsurfing Buckinghamshire

Willen Lakes, Milton Keynes

Buy For £199.00

RYA Level 1 Windsurfing Buckinghamshire
  • A two-day windsurfing course at Willen Lakes
  • RYA Level 1 award on successful completion
  • Well-priced chain hotels nearby
  • Lots of on and off-water activities in the area

Should I try this experience?

Who it's for

If you like your watersports and fancy riding on the waves, windsurfing is a great sport. No engines involved, just you, the board, the sail and the wind to propel you. When you get it right and your start planing at speed across the water, it's a fab feeling.

Who it's not for

So you like water, but you don't like the idea of balancing on a board, with the possibility that you might fall in. Windsurfing might not be for you in that case, but there are still other ways of getting out on the water - have a browse of our RIBS and Powerboats section!

Windsurfing lessons FAQs

Are windsurfing lessons expensive?

When it comes to watersports, windsurfing is actually very reasonably priced. A two-hour taster session is the best value way to dip your toe into the sport and they come in at under £35 with all the tuition and gear included.

Is it easy to learn to windsurf?

It has to be said, from the comfort of the shoreline windsurfing looks easy. But once you're standing there looking at the rig at your feet, it's a whole different story. Fortunately, since the sport took hold a couple of decades ago, technology has come on in leaps and bounds, so if you have good quality gear to learn with, you'll soon have this wind surfing lark sorted.

Will I be taught planing gybe turns on my first windsurf lesson?

A turn on the water is a gybe in the UK (a jibe in the USA!). When you learn you are travelling at lower speeds, so you will be starting off with basic gybes (turns). Confident windsurfers who have mastered turning at high speeds whilst skimming across the water are doing what are called planing gybe turns - a more advanced move.

What gear do I need for windsurfing?

To go windsurfing your need a harness, a board, a mast, (which is mounted into the base of the board) and a shoulder height boom (that's the elliptical handle that you hold onto), with the sail attached. You're ready to go windsurfing!

Will I start off my lesson on land?

Yes. An essential part of every windsurfing lesson is the on-shore briefing. This is where you'll meet your instructors, who'll explain what you'll be doing. Then you run through techniques on land, including how you launch your rig.

How do I launch my windsurf on water?

The basics of windsurfing are launching your rig (with your back to the wind, fact fans!) and understanding wind direction and what it does to your board and sail. You'll be shown how to haul the sail up from the water. The key here is to use your legs and not your back. Once you and the sail are upright, time to adopt the crossover stance and put your front foot in the strap. As you start moving off and the balance is good, it's time for the rear foot to go in its strap and away you go.

How do I change course and tack?

We won't tell you how to change course or how to tack (that's when you turn against the wind), we'll leave that to your skilled instructors to share with you so you'll hopefully be executing your first gybes out on the water by the end of your lesson.

Will the instructors be out on the water with me?

It depends on the set up, but yes the instructors will either be stationed on the water's edge if they are close enough, and/or out on a boat in the area where you're learning. One thing's for sure, they're never far away if you need help.

Will I be windsurfing on in-land or open waters?

Both! We have watersports centres offering lessons on both in-land freshwater lakes and on the sea.

What should I wear from my windsurfing lesson?

You need to bring swimmers, a towel and a change of clothes. Wetsuits are generally provided for you, or can be hired cheaply on site for your lesson.

Do I need special windsurfing shoes?

Depending on the temperature of the water, the windsurfing school will either provide neoprene windsurfing boots, or you can wear a pair of trainers you don't mind getting wet.

What board size should I have for windsurfing?

The instructors will select a board suitable for your build and experience. Back in the day, beginners often found just clambering up on the thing as it bobbed around in the water hard enough. These days trainer models are super lightweight, stumpier and fatter, making them really stable. There's even a special grip surface to help stop slipping feet.

I heard windsurfing is an Olympic sport is that right?

Yep, that's right! Windsurfing has featured in the Summer Olympic Games for men since 1984 and 1992 for women. All riders use the same equipment, so they are all equal. You never know, if you really get into your windsurfing after your lesson it might be the start of something!

Where can I go windsurfing near me?

The best windsurfing schools in the UK are part of large centres that offering teaching and coaching for all sorts of watersports. We currently offer windsurfing lessons and courses at locations such as
  • Poole
  • Brighton

Want to learn how to windsurf? Book your windsurfing lesson at UK centres now!