Flyboarding London

Docklands, London
Flyboarding Experience £149.00
Total Price

What's included in this experience?

Flyboarding Experience
• Welcome, introduction and full safety briefing
• 30 minute flyboarding session
• Wetsuit and all safety equipment provided
• Please allow two hours on site for this experience

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What can I expect on the day

You will certainly have lift off when you go flyboarding in London! We couldn't believe our eyes when we first saw this crazy new watersport that turns you from a landlubber into a superfly flyboarder on this experience in the very heart of the Docklands quarter in London.

And what a location it is for learning flyboarding! It's east London is at its best thanks to this extreme water sports centre based at Royal Victoria Dock with excellent facilities. Complete with sandy beach and a barge bar all under the watchful eye of the Emirates Air Line Cable Car that links nearby Excel to the O2, we think this is THE place to hang out with the cool kids and give madcap flyboarding a go.

So what gear do you need to become one of London's finest flyboarders? It's simple. A board, a personal watercraft, a long hose, a buoyancy aid, a wetsuit and a helmet - and a lot of bottle! The main bit of kit is the board itself. It's rather akin to a chunky snake board, but with wakeboard style step-in bindings attached to it. Under the board you'll notice two large diameter outlets as well as a tube that's connected to a jet ski used as the powerhouse to create the downward-facing sprays of water under your feet. Now you've seen the kit and had your onshore briefing, it's time to get your flyboarding experience in London off the ground!

With you attached to the flyboard and the board's hose attached to the jet ski, it's time to take a moment as you sit on the side of the pontoon. A deep breath to calm those nerves and lower yourself gently into the gently lapping clear waters of this London dock. Let yourself float clear of the jetty and as soon as you're ready, with you vertical in the water 'standing' upright on the board, your experienced flyboarding instructor will turn the jets on, whilst hollering some good words of encouragement to you. There's a gurgling noise, a rush of bubbles under the surface and before you know it, the sheer pressure of the forced water is literally levitating you out of the water just like some sort of flyboarding superhero over London!

At your first attempt you might only get a few centimetres out of the water before you splash back unceremoniously into the old H2O, but you will feel like you are miles high in the London air! Flyboarding is about getting used to the sense of gravity, the balance points and the how moving your legs and body turns you in the air. We bet before long you'll be rising gracefully out of the water without flapping your arms around or 'rolling down the windows' (that's a classic adrenaline sport term for when you get air and your arms go a little wild!). You might even bust a few classic moves like hovers, the dolphin dive and high dives.

We are offering one session of flyboarding in London - a 30 minute version. This is without doubt an extreme sport, so a few expect a few face plants whilst you're getting to grips with the weirdly wonderful sensation of floating in, on and above the water. But when you've got it sussed, it's a truly amazing experience to be flyboarding past the  crowds that regularly gather at this leisurely London Docklands location to watch all the action.

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When is it available?

• Selected weekdays and weekends between April and October
• This experience takes place in all weathers

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Where can I do this experience?

• Docklands, London

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Who is it suitable for?

• Minimum age 16
• Maximum weight 25 stone (165kgs)
• Size 6-14 feet
• You must not wear spectacles, be pregnant, afraid of water, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol
• A good general level of fitness is needed for this adrenalin sport, and you will be required to sign a disclaimer on the day

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Can anyone come along to watch?

 Spectators are welcome to come along and watch the action

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Anything else I need to know?

• For experience flights the hand jets are not used

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