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Gifts over £100

Our sublime collection of hand-picked gifts over £100 really is the creme of the crop, filled to the brim with star attractions and fabulous luxury gifts for loved ones. This is your chance to really push the boat out and show your favourite person just how much you love them. Go on, treat them to a superb experience day that’ll give them a treat beyond all expectations.

We’re talking top-notch activities, indulgent experiences and exclusive access to some amazing places. They start quite modestly at just over £100 and go right off the scale with the most luxurious experiences quite literally living the high life in a private jet or flying in an incredibly rare two seater Spitfire. This really is the stuff of dreams and realised life-long ambitions - right here, right now! Read more...

Brilliant experience day and gift ideas for £100 or more

You know what it’s like when you you’re looking for that luxury gift that’s just that little bit special. You’re ready and willing to put a fair bit of cash into it (anything from £100 in fact), but you just can’t put your finger on what would really make their day truly remarkable…outstanding even.

That’s why we’ve rifled through out entire experience day collection to pick out the luxury ones that’ll really impress. They won’t all burn a massive hole in your wallet, but they all certainly have that ‘wow’ factor you’re looking for. Some hark back to the good old days and feature rare and vintage machines and modes of transport that have been lovingly restored. Others are as high-tech and modern as you can get and some, quite frankly, give you a delicious flavour of ‘how the other half live’.

Indeed, what’s not to love about the idea of floating gently over the countryside in a hot air balloon? Who wouldn’t want to partake in afternoon tea on the sister train to the Orient Express? And why not chase your dream of seeing the Northern Lights on one of our organised trips? Surely these sort of gifts have got to be worth forking out a shade over £100 for?

And then there are the days out and experiences that are almost priceless. Some even have to be seen to be believed. Who’d have thought it was actually legal to be able to go ‘wing walking’ on top of a biplane? How easily you could get used to jetting off in a private plane to dine at the Eiffel Tower? And did you know you really can get a taste of what being a WW2 fighter pilot ace was all about with a flight in a stunning Spitfire? Admittedly the price is well over £100 but these gifts are the ultimate.

What we love about many of these gifts over £100 is that fact that you often get exclusivity, one to one, or even private VIP treatment. You could be checking in for your private capsule on the London Eye, having the footplate on the steam train to yourself, or enjoying a pack of one to one flying lessons on the road to becoming a pilot. All in all, gorgeous gifts well worth spending over £100 for!

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